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Past PhD defences


The Economic Value of Changes in Water Quality - Exploring Heterogeneity in Public Preferences in Stated Preference Studies (27.3.2017) Anne Kejser Jensen
Measurements of the Causes and Consequences of Drought (22.3.2017) Peter Kielberg Fisker
Trading Relationship Performance and Market Power in Food Supply Chains (15.3.2017) Orjon Xhoxhi
Quantification of rural livelihood dynamics: environmental resource use, asset accumulation, poverty and livelihood strategies (24.1.2017) Solomon Zena Walelign


Value Chain Dynamics and Impact of Collective Action on Smallholder Livelihood Improvement in Kenya (22.11.2016)

Sarah Mutonyi

People, Pigs, Pork and Preferences - Exploring the Role of Consumer Perception in Market-Driven Animal Welfare (4.11.2016)

Cecilie A. H. Thorslund

Environmental Valuation of Conserving the Setiu Wetland in Malaysia - With a focus on understanding preference heterogeneity and solving methodological challenges (1.11.2016)

Suziana Binti Hassan

The Social Dynamics of Food Consumption – Exploring the Role of Values, Taste and Social Class (30.8.2016)

Naja Buono Stamer

Analysing incentive and cost sharing issues in livestock disease management (25.8.2016)

Juliet Biira

Estimating the values of conservation area for recreational use: The case of Sipadan, Borneo (25.8.2016)

Diana Emang

EU Food Health Law - Regulating the grey area between risk and safety (10.8.2016)

Wieke Huizing Edinger

Impacts of Community Forest Management and strictly protected areas on deforestation and human well-being in Madagascar (30.5.2016)

Ranaivo Andriarilala Rasolofoson

Ecosystem Services and Forest Management in the Nordic Countries (23.5.2016)

Anna Filyushkina

Allocation Problems and Market Design (7.4.2016)

Aleksandrs Smilgins

Transfer of Biogas Technology to Support the Mixed Crops and Livestock Farming System in Indonesia (15.3.2016)

Ahmad Romadhoni Surya Putra

Tracing early interventions on childhood overweight.
A sociological qualitative study of preventive action on overweight among pre-school children of diverse ethnic background in Denmark (25.2.2016)

Kia Ditlevsen
Governing the conflicted commons: Authorising resource access in the Indian tribal belt (11.2.2016) Siddharth Sareen
School Meals in Children’s Social Life - A Study of Contrasting Meal Arrangements (28.01.2016) Sidse Schoubye Andersen
Economic Analysis on Key Challenges for Sustainable Aquaculture Development: Live Feeds and Externalities  (21.01.2016) Tenaw G. Abate


Traditional medicine in developing countries – A study of conceptualizations and utilization in rural Nepal (18.12.2015) Rikke Stamp Thorsen
Rural Livelihoods, Climate Change and Micro-level Adaptive Capacity in the Greater Mekong Subregion (14.12.2015) Xi Jiao
Evaluating community forestry processes and outcomes: Evidences from mid-hill community forests of Nepal (20.8.2015) Bishwa Nath Oli

Technology and Economic Assessment of Innovative Field Drainage Technologies in Denmark (20.8.2015)

Florence Gathoni Gachango

About right. Body size management among normal weight and moderately overweight people (1.7.2015)

Nina Konstantin Nissen

Unlacing the entrepreneurial potential: Exploring factors influencing entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurship education in emerging economies (1.7.2015)

Ian Keith Alexander

Multi-Directional Non-Parametric Analysis of Agricultural Efficiency: The Case of Lithuanian Family Farms (29.5.2015)

Tomas Balezentis

Implications of decentralized forest management and REDD+ for rural vulnerability in Kenya (13.5.2015)

Susan Wangui Chomba

Large-Scale Agriculture and Outgrower Schemes in Ethiopia: Land Acquisition, Productivity, Labour Markets and Welfare Effects (1.5.2015)

Mengistu Assefa Wendimu

Environmental resources and poverty in rural communities:

Income and assets based poverty analyses and development in environmentally reliant communities (17.4.2015)

Lindy Callen Charlery

Spatial aspects of the provision of forest ecosystem services (30.1.2015)

Anne Sofie Elberg Nielsen

The Economics of Marine Ecosystem Services - the Fisheries Case (30.1.2015)

Lars Ravensbeck

Prosocial Signalling - How Do Pricing Strategy, Incentives and People’s Motivation interact in the Area of Environmental Policy and Economics? (29.1.2015)

Goytom Abraha Kahsay

Advances in Stated Preference Studies for Valuing and Managing the Environment - A Developing Country Context (23.1.2015)

Habtamu Tilahun Kassahun


A Socioeconomic Assessment of the Sloping Land Conversion Program in China (19.12.2014)

Zhen Liu

Management tools and potential of Dry Miombo woodland in carbon cycling - The case of Gangalamtumba Village Land Forest Reserve in Iringa, Tanzania (17.12.2014)

Ezekiel Edward Mwakalukwa

The Development and Persistence of Agricultural Policy in the EU (15.12.2014)

Silas Berthou

Institutional choice and recognition in development (21.11.2014)

Rebecca Leigh Rutt

Situating Hunger and Fullness through the Lived Body - An Anthropological Analysis of Eating (24.10.2014)

Line Hillersdal

Ethical Food Consumption - The prospect of market-driven improvements in farm animal welfare and environmental protection (10.10.2014)  

Lennart Ravn Heerwagen

Essays on China's exports to East Africa (26.06.2014)  

Qian Yu

Reduced Impact Logging and Regenerative Ecology of Lesser-Known Species in the Peruvian Amazon (26.06.2014)  

Rune Juelsborg Karsten

Estimation of Forest Degradation with Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis - the case of REDD+ in Tanzania (10.06.2014)  

Klaus Dons

Politics of Manageability: Ambiguities of Local Climate Change Mitigation (03.05.2014)  

Sara Kristine Gløjmar Berthou

Efficiency, Innovation and Organization in the Food industry (02.06.2014)  

Eliona Hajderllari

Perspectives on spatial decision support concerning location of biogas production (23.05.2014)  

Mikkel Bojesen

Improving choice experiment for forest biodiversity valuation and management (23.04.2014)  

Fatemeh Bakhtiari

Rural households' adaptation to climate change and its implications for policy designs in Lijiang, China (07.04.2014)  

Yuan Zheng 

The role of the founding entrepreneur in the transformation from micro enterprises to small firms: An empirical exploration of Tanzanian agribusiness and food entrepreneurs (05.03.2014)

Katharina Anna Pötz

Challenges of ensuring equity: The study of a forest protection policy (REDD+) in Cambodia (28.02.2014)

Maya Pasgaard

The Use of Nonparametric Kernel Regression Methods in Econometric Production Analysis (07.02.2014)

Tomasz Gerard Czekaj

Poverty, Policy and Price Transmission - The influence of international commodity price changes on domestic food inflation (24.01.2014)  

Christian Elleby

Innovating for Rural Development: The case of Danish Agricultural Extension (16.01.2014)  

Dorthe Christensen

Livelihoods and natural resources: A quantitative assessment in the Peruvian Amazon floodplain (10.01.2014)

Jamie Nicole Cotta


Exploring the use of Systems Thinking approaches in the management of Alternative Food Networks (17.12.2013) Elena Tavella
Environmental science-policy interactions - the example of forestry and REDD+ in Zambia (20.11.2013) Kewin Bach Friis Kamelarczyk
Improved methods for the Valuation of the Environment in an Urban Setting (12.11.2013) Kathrine Lausted Veie
Regulation of non-point phosphorus emissions from the agricultural sector by use of economic incentives (11.10.2013). Line Block Hansen
Urbanization, urban climate and influence of vegetation.

The case of cities in Ethiopia (02.10.2013)

Gudina Legese Feyisa
Integrating social science knowledge into natural resource management public involvement practice - Exploring the potential of continuing professional education (02.10.2013) Cathy Brown Stummann
Eating practices. Social and cultural aspects of hunger and fullness (27.09.2013) Bodil Just Christensen
The value of space: Four papers on the challenges and opportunities of the hedonic house price method (10.09.2013)   Toke Emil Panduro
The New Nordic Diet: A sociological study of the acceptance and appropriation of a dietary regime (16.08.2013) Arun Micheelsen
Estimating the Impact of Natural Disasters: The Case of Typhoon Damrey (01.07.2013) Trung Dang Le
Human (in)security at the livestock-cropwildlife nexus. The case of Laikipia County, Kenya (26.06.2013) Jennifer Lauren Bond
Conservation and Livelihood Impacts of Decentralized Forest Governance in Ethiopia (25.06.2013) Aklilu Ameha Yietagesu
Openings and closures in the environmental planning horizon - An analysis of the participatory potential in a nature protection planning process in Norway (21.06.2013) Mikaela Lise Vasström
The role of food standards in development: An empirical perspective (20.06.2013) Neda Trifković
What shapes policy reform? Forest policy implementation in Ghana (19.06.2013) Kirsten Carlsen
Environmental Goods and Services and Rural Livelihoods in the Congo and Amazon basins (06.06.2013) Riyong Kim Bakkegaard
Factors affecting the globalization of agri-food firms and farms (22.02.2013) Luljeta Hajderllari
Aspects of Multi-fleet and Multi-species Fisheries (24.01.2013) Thomas Talund Thøgersen


Environmental reliance, poverty and human health in West Africa (23.11.2012) Mariève Pouliot
Vandforvaltning og vandplanlægning (02.11.2012)

Lasse Baaner

Quantitative analyses of demand for organic food (09.07.2012) Sigrid Denver

Painful Dilemmas A study of Public Opinion on How to Balance

the Costs and Benefits of Medical Interventions and Research with Specific Focus on Animal use and Obesity Health care (01.06.2012)

Thomas Bøker Lund
Reducing Biases in Choice Experiments (22.05.2012) Ole Bonnichsen
Barriers to Sustainable Growth in the Aquaculture Sector: An Economic Analysis (20.04.2012) Rasmus Nielsen
Essays on the Investment Behaviour of Danish Farmers (02.12.2011) Jakob Vesterlund Olsen
Public attittudes to cisgenic crops (15.08.2011) Henrik Ole Mielby
Healthy and unhealthy food consumption - microeconometric methods (12.08.2011) Aslak Hedemann Hansen
Armed conflicts and overexploitation of natural resources (17.06.2011) Mette Kildegaard Graversen
Poultry-based intervention as tool for poverty reduction and gender empowerment: Empirical evidence from Benin (27.04.2011) Epiphane Sodjinou
The Common Agricultural Policy in a General Equilibrium Framework (04.10.2010) Hans Grinsted Jensen
Instruments and Institutions for Sustainable Water Management (02.07.2010) Stuart Anthony Lewis Wright