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Rune Bolding Bennike

Rune Bolding Bennike


  • Sektion for Global Udvikling

    Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Bygning B, 1. sal, Bygning: Lokale 1.102

    Telefon: +45 35 33 69 66

Aktuel forskning

My current research deals with governmental history, autonomy movements, and the commodification of land and landscapes in the central Himalayas. It is divided between two separate but related projects.

1. Governing the Hills

Coming out of my doctoral work on the Nepal-India borderland, this project seeks to understand the ways in which this area has been governed and the contemporary conditions for political movements seeking more local autonomy. The project explores the ways in which adverse Himalayan landscapes have been transformed into governable territorial spaces, and the ways in which this history conditions the movements for a Limbuwan and a Gorkhaland state on either side of the border.

Publications in progress

-       Textbook Difference: Spatial History and National Education in Panchayat and Present-Day Nepal, in Indian Economic and Social History Review 52(1), March 2015

-       Ruly Hills: Darjeeling on the Edge of the Northeast (book chapter in preparation)

-       Claiming Limbuwan (article in preparation for special issue on territoriality and authority)

2. Nature of Commodification, Commodification of Nature

This project deals with the transformation of the Himalayan landscape into an “unmatched natural product” at the crossroad of global environmental concerns and increasingly market-oriented approaches to development. Investigating the production and commodification of one of the longest and highest trekking trails in the world, the project explores the contemporary nature of commodification in the context of unfolding market/development entanglements.

Publications in progress

-       Landscapes of Exchange and Extration (introduction for special issue on state/market relations with landscape in the periphery of Asian highlands)

-       Imperial, Relational, Commodified: Tracing the Power of Landscape in Darjeeling (article for special issue on state/market relations with landscape in the periphery of Asian highlands)


Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Fall 2013 & 2014: Introduction to Modern India and South Asia I: History and Regional Formations (BA)

Fall 2013 & 2014: Government and Politics in South Asia (BA)

Spring 2014: Theory of Science (BA)

Spring 2013: BA supervision (13 projects)

Spring 2013: Ethnographic Approaches to 'State' and 'Nation' (MA seminar)

Fall 2011: Ethnographic Approaches to 'State' and 'Nation' (MA seminar)

Spring 2011: East meets West: How the Post-Colonial World Challenges Social Science (MA)


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