Strategy 2011-2015 – University of Copenhagen

Strategic framework 2013-2017

The Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) emerged in its current form on 1 January 2013 from the merger of two already well-established institutions of the University of Copenhagen; the Institute of Food and Resource Economics (FOI), and the Division of Economics, Policy and Management Planning (ØPP) at Forest & Landscape. This merger created a dynamic new institution unique in the Danish context and able to synergise a social science and an applied research approach to problem solving. Centrally placed in the Faculty of Science of the University of Copenhagen, IFRO is committed to making a significant contribution in the response to global challenges. 

The IFRO Strategic Framework 2013-17 is the first strategy paper developed by IFRO as an independent institution within the University of Copenhagen. It should, however, be viewed against the background of the strategies prepared by IFRO’s predecessors, FOI and ØPP. The main objective of these previous strategies was to support the integration of sector research and public-sector services into the methodologies and institutional culture of the university, and thence to strengthen research and the development of the study programmes.

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