Book Launch: Andean Waterways

The Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen and the Property and Citizenship Network invites you to join the official launch of Andean Waterways: Resource Politics in Highland Peru (University of Washington Press, 2015) by assistant professor Mattias Borg Rasmussen.

Andean Waterways explores the politics of natural resource use in the Peruvian Andes in the context of climate change and neoliberal expansion. It does so through careful ethnographic analysis of the constitution of waterways, illustrating how water becomes entangled in a variety of political, social, and cultural concerns. Set in the highland town of Recuay in Ancash, the book traces the ways in which water affects political and ecological relations as glaciers recede. By looking at the shared waterways of four villages located in the foothills of Cordillera Blanca, it addresses pertinent questions concerning water governance and rural lives.

This case study of water politics will be useful to anthropologists, resource managers, environmental policy makers, and other readers who are interested in the effects of environmental change on rural communities.


  • Welcome, by Christian Lund
  • Presentation, by Mattias Borg Rasmussen
  • Discussant: Resource Politics in Latin America, by John-Andrew McNeish, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Discussant: Anthropology, Water and Climate Change, by Kirsten Hastrup, University of Copenhagen
  • Drinks and snacks

You can get the invitation as a pdf here.