Developments in patents within biofuel production

The IFRO seminars 2015

Every second Wednesday (even week numbers) from March to May and September to December, IFRO will host a seminar covering topics spanning the research, pedagogic and institutional interests of the department. The aim of the seminar series is to establish a cross-section forum for discussing and exchanging ideas regarding IFRO as a place of research and education.

The IFRO seminar has three tracks:

A thematic track which brings together IFRO researchers from different sections around a common subject. In the spring of 2015 it will be ‘food security’. Other themes could be innovation, climate change, sustainability, regulation, infrastructure. There will be one theme per semester.

An internal affairs track which covers themes of didactics, institutional strategies, funding and project management. In the spring of 2015 this includes a seminar about the peer review process: ‘the life of an article’. Another seminar which we aim for is ‘project based supervision and teaching’.

An ad hoc track reserved for prominent guest speakers, as well as IFRO researchers presenting their work to get feedback.

All employees at IFRO are welcome to contact the IFRO seminar organizers if they have ideas for themes, presentations or invited speakers. You may contact:
Mattias Borg Rasmussen
Karin Beukel
Mikkel Bojesen
Annemette Nielsen

The seminars take place from 12 - 13 at B.S. Jørgensen. The seminars are open, and do not require registration.