Applied Econometric Seminar: Market integration in Ghana and the effect of titling in the Philippines


11.00 – 11.30 Seth Etuah: Market integration and its determinants: the case of cereal/legume markets in Ghana, an analysis of the determinants of the extent of integration between the urban markets in Ghana, the world market and rural markets for cereals/legumes.

11.30 – 12.00 Anna Lou Abatayo: Ancestral Domain Titling and Deforestation in the Philippines, investigating the direct impact of providing formal state guarantees of ownership to otherwise contestable customary ancestral domain rights on deforestation rates in the Philippines. Based on NDVI analysis of Landsat images of forests under different titling policies.

The seminar is open for all.

About the Applied Econometrics Seminars

We are currently organizing a series of applied econometrics seminars starting in November 2013. We hope the seminar will create an environment for shared learning on econometric analyses for interested people at the Department of Food and Resource Economics. People working with economic modelling are also welcome to attend the meetings and/or present papers. Each meeting will focus on presentation and discussion of two papers or paper ideas, including the dataset, preliminary analysis, suggested model, etc. Discussed papers should be handed out to the members of the group no later than 1 week before the meeting date. The meetings will start with a brief (10 minutes) presentation of a paper followed by 20 minutes discussion aimed at providing the presenter with feedback that is useful to further development of the analyses/paper. Then, another paper will be presented for 10 minutes followed by another 20 minute discussion. Discussion will be lead and facilitated by Henning Tarp Jensen.
Attending the seminar will also be beneficial for people who are not presenting as they will provide a forum where people can learn new econometrics methods as well as share experiences and ideas with regards to quantitative data analysis. A seminar like this will only be alive and vibrant if participation is steady.

To sign up to present your work and get useful feedback, write an email to Aske Bosselmann at, and state when you wish to present and a title for your paper/analysis.
Presenting PhD students are strongly encouraged to invite their supervisor(s) to the meeting.