Seminar: Air Pollution - The DORS report 2016

The Danish Environmental Economics Council (DORS) published their yearly report, Økonomi og Miljø (Economics and Environment), in the beginning of March.
One of the issues in the report is air pollution.
Special Advisor at the councils, Martin Groth Hjelmsø, will give a seminar on the subject on 13 April, 10-11 at IFRO.  


The Chairmanship of the The Environmental Economic Council recently published their yearly report in which an analysis of the regulation of air pollution from wood-burning stoves was presented.
The analysis leads to a recommendation of  new regulation of the use of wood-burning stoves, as it is associated with significant health costs.
The upcoming presentation will take a closer look at the theoretical approach taken in the analysis, the socioeconomic calculations of the different types of regulation and the resulting policy recommendations.

You can find a summary of the report here (English)

and the entire Miljø og Økonomi report and data here (Danish)

Practical information

The serminar is open to all, and participation does not require registration.

This seminar is a spin-off of another seminar held at IFRO in March, where Lars Gårn Hansen, Professor at IFRO, presented the topics of the 2016 report.
You do not have to have participated in the previous seminar to participate in this one - all are welcome to join.


Questions can be directed to Frank Jensen, Associate Professor at IFRO.