IFRO Master Thesis Seminar 2016

The Master Thesis Seminar takes place Friday 18 November 2016 at 13:00 - 15:00 at

The Lunch Room (Frokoststuen),
Building A, Gr. floor,
Rolighedsvej 25
1958 Frederiksberg C


13.00-13.05 Welcome (Mette Asmild, Head of Studies)

13.05-13.10 How to start and how to end
How to start, how to end, how to get a desk in the basement , and where to go for administrative support (Susanne Weibel, Education Coordinator)

13.10-13.35 Process + group work
Group work – how and why, really great advice on how to have a good thesis writing process, and where to go for assistance in the matter (Anders Dahl, Teaching Lecturer)

13.35-13.45 Curriculum and the Idea bank
How to use the curriculum, how to use the IFRO Master Thesis Idea Bank, and how to find a supervisor (Søren Bøye Olsen, Head of Studies)

13.45-14.00 Advice from alumni
Former MSc students will share their best advice based on their own Master Thesis processes

14.00-15.00 Master Thesis Café
An opportunity to talk to your fellow students, your head of studies and potential supervisors about your and their idea(s) and your thoughts about the master thesis process

The seminar is for students enrolled at one of the following MSc Programmes: Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (ENRE) and Forest and Nature Management (FNM).

The Master Thesis Seminar is planned by the Head of Studies, and is a platform to ensure matchmaking between MSc students, thesis ideas and supervisors.

Make sure to check out the database of master thesis ideas and supervisors at the department.