Behavioural Economics Seminar: The rise and fall of the Danish softdrink tax

The Behavioral Economics group at Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) invite to open seminars with a range of subjects within behavioural economics.

Renke Schmaker, PhD student at the Public Economics Department, DIW Berlin will present The rise and fall of the Danish softdrink tax.


Despite its popularity among policymakers, the effectiveness of taxation in reducing soft drink consumption is still under dispute. Denmark has recently experienced considerable variation in soft drink taxes including an increase in 2012, a reduction in 2013 and a complete repeal in 2014. We use GfK Consumerscan data to study the effect the tax changes had on prices, demand and substitution to other beverages. Moreover, we look at heterogenous treatment effects on different consumer groups.

Bring your own lunch, and we provide knowledge and network.

For further information, contact: Toke Reinholt Fosgaard