Behavioural Economics Seminar: Collaboration and its Limits in Crowdsourcing Contests: An Experimental Study

The Behavioral Economics group at Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) invite to open seminars with a range of subjects within behavioural economics.

Marion Poetz and Christoph Grimpe, Associate Professors at Copenhagen Business School, and Karin Beukel, Assistant Professor at Department of Food and Resource Economics, will give a presentation on Collaboration and its Limits in Crowdsourcing Contests: An Experimental Study.


Crowdsourcing of solutions to innovation-related problems has lately received considerable attention in practice and a growing interest in academia.
Defined as “the act of outsourcing a task to a crowd rather than to a designated agent (an organization, informal or formal team, or individual), such as a contractor, in the form of an open call” (Afuah & Tucci, 2012: 355), crowdsourcing-based problem solving typically occurs through innovation tournaments.
While there are several arguments supporting the benefits of collaboration among contestants in crowdsourcing initiatives, little is known about the downsides of collaboration in such contexts. Simulation studies, however, indicate collaboration in problem solving to be a balancing act. We therefore aim at reaching a better understanding of the boundary conditions of collaboration in crowdsourcing-based problem solving and to provide experimental evidence on the mechanisms identified in the theoretical literature.

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