EELF 2017 Conference - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - Legal Approaches & Instruments

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Sustainable management of natural resources

The Copenhagen conference is dedicated to the sustainable management of natural resources and the role of different legal approaches and instruments. Sustainable management of natural resources such as water, biodiversity and air remains a key concern at EU as well as national level. Despite the adoption of several EU directives such as the Habitats Directive (1992), the Air Quality Directive (1998), the Water Framework Directive (2000), and the Waste Framework Directive (2008) the environmental objectives have not been met and doubts can be raised whether they will ever be. Important questions relate to the appropriateness and effectiveness of various legal approaches and instruments – as well as the potential implementation deficits related to such instruments. The conference aims to highlight key legal issues related to existing legal approaches and instruments as well as possible improved solutions to ensure sustainable management of natural resources. Such legal issues can be related to e.g. the design as well as the implementation of various legal instruments and approaches at EU and national level.