IFRO Seminar: Ranking individuals on the basis of collaborations

The IFRO seminar series in economics takes place every last Friday of the month.

The seminar series offers an opportunity to get to know the work of colleagues within the field, to get feedback on your own papers and to enhance your professional network.

Ranking individuals on the basis of collaborations, with Jens Gudmundsson, Affiliated researcher at Lund University, and visitor at University of Copenhagen


We rank individuals who have undertaken collaborative projects, like researchers co-authoring academic papers. A ranking rule is a systematic way of ranking individuals. We propose several desirable properties that we argue that a satisfactory ranking rule should satisfy: Euclidean reduction, anonymity, decomposition, continuity, and dominance. The five properties characterize the class of "generalized Euclidean rules", which includes the Euclidean index (Perry and Reny, AER, 2016) among many others. Requiring a sixth property, no reward for association, singles out the novel proportional rule defined as follows. Each paper's citations is distributed equally among its authors. Agents are then ranked by the Euclidean length of their author-adjusted citation lists. We also replace Euclidean reduction by the more common linear reduction to obtain two additional characterizations.

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