Seminar: Creation and Capture of Value from Big Data Technology: A Multiple Case Study Analysis of Provider Companies

Open Seminar


Andrea Urbinati (Politecnico di Milano, School of Management)
Marcel Bogers (University of Copenhagen, IFRO)
Vittorio Chiesa (Politecnico di Milano, School of Management)
Federico Frattini (Politecnico di Milano, School of Management)


Big Data has emerged as a new digital paradigm that companies implement to transform existing business models and nurture their innovation activity. The peculiarities of Big Data application span different fields, such as customer need identification, risk management and decision-making, data-driven knowledge, product design and new product development, and quality management. Although rich in terms of managerial and practical implications, existing literature in this domain mainly deals with the user perspective, neglecting the role that Big Data plays for provider companies. In addition, from a theoretical point of view, a clear path forward is missing in both management and innovation research, as we lack strategic frameworks that explain how value and competitive advantage are created in companies that rely on Big Data. Therefore, this paper focuses on provider companies instead of users, as it is a relevant gap in existing research, and adopts the theoretical perspective in connection to value creation and capture. The paper draws on a multiple case study analysis of provider companies that take advantage of the exploitation of Big Data technology. The results initially propose a general framing within the management of Big Data in companies and then more narrowly present the identification of two main innovation service strategies based on Big Data technology. In addition, we highlight how the network of involved stakeholders influences the relationship between strategy development and the effectiveness of the provider companies’ innovation process.