Seminar: Food labels and dietary quality

Helene Normann Rønnow:
Food labels and dietary quality


Food labels is used as a policy to promote healthy food choices, but studies have shown that the labels have a little or no effect consumers’ food choices. This study uses scanner data to investigate whether the use of three different food labels (Description of content, health claims and nutritional labels) increase the dietary quality. The scanner data allows the possibility to track the same household for more than one year, which is unique within the research on food labels. The presentation will focus on identification method and selection problems.

About the seminars

In the spring semester of 2018, we open for another round of the successful behavioral economic seminars. The seminars take place every Thursday 12-13, and typically people eat their lunch while listening to the presentations.
The intention with the seminars is to have paper presentations by external and internal people - but importantly the time slots can also be used for presenting ideas for future behavioral and experimental studies, and this way we often have very fruitful discussions and create constructive feedback for the presenter.

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The first seminar will be by Helene Thursday 18 January 12-13 in the meeting room “Byen”,Rolighedsvej 23.