Seminar: Women’s Negotiation Skills in the Housing Market

Presenter: Julie Marx, PhD student, CBS
Title: Women’s Negotiation Skills in the Housing Market


We show that gender differences in bargaining outcomes are non-existing in a market where we have an appropriate control for the value of the negotiated item. This finding contrasts prior findings in gender studies of negotiation skills in laboratory experiments or in labor market studies. In experiments and in the labor market, it is however empirically difficult to determine whether differences in bargain outcomes result from differences in the willingness or in the ability to bargain, mostly because there is little control over what the bargaining is over. We differently use a market, where bargaining is an integrated part of price determination, and where the bargaining outcome has considerable financial consequences for the parties bargaining. We study differences in bargaining outcomes in the Danish housing market from 1994 to 2013 and find no gender difference in realized prices. Exclusively looking at properties sold by the child of a deceased parent, where gender of the seller and the quality of the property is independent, confirms our result.

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