Seminar: Strategic challenges and solutions in agro and food companies

Welcome to our 2nd Management Seminar Series at IEM!

Henning Otte Hansen, senior advisor at Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen, will give a presentation of his newly published book Strategic challenges and solutions in agro and food companies.
The audience is invited to discuss on the cases and their future potentials.


The global agro and food industry faces a number of strategic challenges. Globalisation, growth opportunities, vertical integration, food security, trade liberalization, ownership and consumer trends are among the threats and op¬portunities facing many businesses in the agro and food industry. This book describes 11 examples where agro and food companies have met strategic challenges and where these companies have made a wide range of choices based on market and company analyses.

The cases in the book are supported by relevant theories, models and methods, so that the experience can be generalized. The intention is that the challenges, analyses, considerations and solutions can inspire and be used by other companies, by students, by owners and by other stakeholders.

The cases are based mainly on Danish agro and food companies, which makes it possible to produce more detailed analyses and conclusions. In almost all the cases, information and assessments are based on interviews with the management of the companies and business organisations that are being analysed. Furthermore, there are international dimensions in all the cases: Foreign mergers and acquisitions, global strategic alliances, global trends as well as examples from several of other countries.

The IEM seminar series

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