Seminar: Behind Closed Doors: Hidden Hunger in Australia

Open seminar with Professor Danielle Gallegos, Queensland University.


Australia does not routinely measure food insecurity and when it does relies on a single question that underestimates the prevalence at a population level. There is an increasing reliance on food banks and food rescue agencies with the fall-back position being calls to improve food and financial literacy. The supposed welfare safety net is failing as housing and energy costs increase. This presentation reports on recent research indicating that food insecurity is affecting one in three low-middle income households. Using the newly developed Household Food and Nutrition Security Scale (which attempts to address the four pillars of food security) it was identified in food insecure households with children 6% had children who were going hungry. Very few had relied on emergency food relief as a coping strategy.


The seminar is open to all. You are welcome to bring your lunch.
There is limited seating.

There is a lift from ground floor to 1st floor but there are stairs by the entrance which limits access for wheel chair users.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding access.