Seminar: Factory of the future and innovation


The factory of the future aims to be a competitive, efficient, safe and connected factory to meet the economic, technological, organizational, environmental and societal challenges. This factory needs to deal with several transitions: energetic, ecological, digital, organizational and societal. Each of these transitions uses new technologies or new organizations. In this context, the LINEACT laboratory develops a research activity to support companies in their digital transition. The laboratory focuses more particularly on issues related to the digital factory, the uses of augmented reality and virtual reality, and decision support tools for production and maintenance operations. It also supports companies to optimize their innovation processes. As part of the innovation team, Elodie Pillon currently works on the level of maturity of SMEs in terms of innovation, in particular by developing a diagnostic tool to support SMEs wishing to improve their innovation potential. In this context, she is preparing a thesis aiming to analyze the skills required by SMEs to implement the various models of open innovation. During the seminar, she will present some aspects of her work. 

About the speaker:

Elodie Pillon is a French lecturer researcher at the laboratory LINEACT of CESI in Normandy whose missions are to develop the research in the fields of industrial performance and organizational innovation, using methods for simulation and modelling. She is also a PhD student in innovation management, and her research works concern open innovation and particularly coupled-process in SMEs.