Behavioural Economics Seminar: How visual attention is modulated by familiarity and delicious meals


Andrea Delgado Sapién, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen


The overall purpose is to investigate young adults' behavior (physiological and psychological) towards exposure of meals that can be classified in the space spanned by familiarity and disgust, by using eye tracking and galvanic skin conductance (GSR) technology as a measure of both arousal and valence of attention. Meals that are familiar could for instance be meat balls with rise, sauce and some salad. Such a meal may be delicious to some while less delicious to others. Hence, a questionnaire about the subject’s perception of the meals is important. Meals that most people would classify as disgusting are insect meals. The goal is to explain how young adults react to novel foods relative to well-known foods. Is visual attention caused by liking of the meal, curiosity of the visual appearance, an attempt to avoid a potential danger (poisonous food) etc.? Such questions is expected to be addressed in this study.

The presentation puts focus on the experimental design.