BDI Leadership Dialogue

Meet and talk to:

  • Annette Hartvig Larsen, CEO of Aarstiderne A/S
  • Signe Anthon, Team leader at Ministry of Environment and Food of DK
  • Jens Christian Zøfting-Larsen, former Head of Dept. Greve Kommune

The purpose of the BDI Leadership Dialogue is to give SCIENCE students an opportunity to meet with public and private sector leaders who has a connection to the study directions at Faculty of Science. As a SCIENCE student, your career path is likely to include future leadership and management positions in public and private organizations.

The Leadership Dialogue is an opportunity for you to learn more about how different leaders think about contemporary management and to gain an insight into the everyday leadership challenges in SCIENCE related organizations.

The Leadership dialogue is a public lecture arranged by the Business Development and Innovation (BDI) course. and all students and
faculty members are welcome.

The Business Development and Innovation (BDI) course aims at giving SCIENCE students an introduction to the contemporary business thinking and management.

The course provides a theoretical overview of important business concepts such as strategy, innovation and leadership combined with a
practical experience in managerial decision making through a challenging corporate management simulation game.

Open to all - no registration required