Behavioural Economics Seminar: Heterogeneity in preferences for non-financial incentives to engage landholders in native vegetation management

Open seminar with Niels Strange and Søren Bøye Olsen, Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen

Most of Australia’s native-forest vegetation is located on private land, and conservation success often depends on farmers’ participation in bush management programmes. 251 landholders within the Brigalow Belt region of southeast Queensland. Landholders were asked to make pairwise comparisons of 10 non-financial incentives and one financial compensation scheme. Based on a latent class analysis we identify three distinct landholder classes. We discuss the implication of our results for the future design of native vegetation management and conservation policies


The seminar is open to all. You are welcome to bring your lunch.
There is limited seating.

There is a lift from ground floor to 1st floor but there are stairs by the entrance which limits access for wheel chair users.
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