Analysis of the efficiencies of Danish organic and conventional farms

Lorenz Matthias Severin Aigner will give a presentation titled 'Analysis of the efficiencies of Danish organic and conventional farms' at this PhD start-up seminar.


The organic farming sector in Denmark has experienced a surge in the recent decades. The number of organic farms has increased from 1 % of all farms to more than 8 % over the past 20 years. The EU and the Danish government have programmes in place that aim to promote the organic in the future. While such development appears desirable intuitively, one needs to carefully evaluate the development of the transition in order to ensure economic and environmental sustainability. Hence, I aim to analyse the technical efficiencies of farms in Denmark in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of organic farming practices compared to conventional farming and to contribute to the development of the structure of Danish agriculture.


The seminar is open to all.
Students are very welcome.