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Authors from the Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) are highlighted below. You can find their profiles in the staff list.

This series consists of manuscripts that are on their way to a peer-reviewed journal. Through 2012 the papers were called 'FOI Working Paper'. The papers are in English and are also issued through RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) and EconStor.

Tidligere Working Papers:


Number Title Authors
2023/03 The effect of the social environment during childhood on preferences in adulthood Johannes Abeler, Toke Reinholt Fosgaard, Lars Garn Hansen
2023/02 Does Organic Farming Jeopardize Food and Nutrition Security? Ghislain B. D. Aihounton, Arne Henningsen
2023/01 The Power of Woke and Other Forms of Disproportionate Punishment Lars Gårn Hansen
2022/05 Permutation tests on returns to scale and common production frontiers in nonparametric models Anders Rønn-Nielsen, Dorte Kronborg, Mette Asmild
2022/04 Farsighted Miners under Transaction Fee Mechanism EIP1559
(revised December 2022)
Jens Leth Hougaard, Mohsen Pourpouneh
2022/03 A Ray-Based Input Distance Function to Model Zero-Valued Output Quantities: Derivation and an Empirical Application Juan José Price, Arne Henningsen
2022/02 Implications of Aggregation Uncertainty in DEA Emil Heesche, Mette Asmild
2022/01 Impatience to Consume and Population Growth in a Simple Agrarian Economy Eirik S. Amundsen, Anders Skonhoft
2021/08 Searching for a “Golden Rule” of economic regulation of an infectious disease Eirik S. Amundsen
2021/07 River pollution abatement: A decentralized solution through smart contracts
(updated November 2021)
Jens Gudmundsson, Jens Leth Hougaard
2021/06 Pesticide Handling and Human Health: Conventional and Organic Cotton Farming in Benin Ghislain B.D. Aïhounton, Arne Henningsen, Neda Trifkovic
2021/05 Do People Respond to the Climate Impact of their Behavior? The Effect of Carbon Footprint Information on Grocery Purchases Toke R. Fosgaard, Alice Pizzo, Sally Sadoff
2021/04 Incentives in regulatory DEA models with discretionary outputs: The case of Danish water regulation Emil Heesche, Peter Bogetoft
2021/03 Drivers of and Barriers to Adoption of Improved Sunflower Varieties amongst Smallholder Farmers in Singida, Tanzania: the Double-Hurdle Approach Felister Y. Tibamanya, Mursali A. Milanzi, Arne Henningsen
2021/02 FAST: Fair Auctions via Secret Transactions Bernardo David, Lorenzo Gentile, Mohsen Pourpouneh
2021/01 Incorporating time lags and uncertainty in cost-benefit analysis of water quality improvements
– a case study of Limfjorden, Denmark
Tobias Holmsgaard Larsen, Thomas Lundhede, Søren Bøye Olsen, Brian H. Jacobsen
Number Title Authors
2020/15 Danish farmers’ preferences for bio-based fertilisers – a choice experiment Ole Bonnichsen, Brian H. Jacobsen, Juan Tur-Cardona
2020/14 Enabling reciprocity through blockchain design Jens Gudmundsson, Jens Leth Hougaard
2020/13 Incorporating quality in economic regulatory benchmarking Emil Heesche, Mette Asmild
2020/12 Assessing the value of surface water and groundwater quality improvements when time lags and outcome uncertainty exist: Results from a choice experiment survey across four different countries Tobias Holmsgaard Larsen, Thomas Lundhede, Søren Bøye Olsen
2020/11 Decentralized Task Coordination Jens Gudmundsson, Jens Leth Hougaard, Trine Tornøe Platz
2020/10 Cost of transformation: a measure on matchings Burak Can, Mohsen Pourpouneh, Ton Storcken
2020/09 On Reward Sharing in Blockchain Mining Pools Burak Can, Jens Leth Hougaard, Mohsen Pourpouneh
2020/08 Automated Market Makers Mohsen Pourpouneh, Kurt Nielsen, Omri Ross
2020/07 Trouble Comes in Threes: Core stability in Minimum Cost Connection Networks Jens Leth Hougaard, Mich Tvede
2020/06 Implementation of Optimal Connection Networks Jens Leth Hougaard, Mich Tvede
2020/05 Sharing sequentially triggered losses: Automatic conflict resolution through smart contracts
(revised Dec. 2022)
Jens Gudmundsson, Jens Leth Hougaard, Chiu Yu Ko
2020/04 Norm Compliance in an Uncertain World Toke Fosgaard, Lars Gårn Hansen, Erik Wengström
2020/03 Controlling for environmental conditions in regulatory benchmarking Emil Heesche, Mette Asmild
2020/02 Rethinking Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania Eliezeri Sungusia, Jens Friis Lund, Christian Pilegaard Hansen, Numan Amanzi, Yonika M. Ngaga, Gimbage Mbeyale, Thorsten Treue, Henrik Meilby
2020/01 The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and Spatial Price Dispersion: Disentangling Warehouse and Price Information effects Hailemariam Ayalew, Dagim G. Belay
Number Title Authors
2019/10 Units of Measurement and the Inverse Hyperbolic Sine Transformation Ghislain B. D. Aïhounton, Arne Henningsen
2019/09 Motivations of volunteers in Danish grazing organisations Sari F. Madsen, Niels Strange, Jesper S. Schou
2019/08 Nudging farmers in crop choice using price information: Evidence from Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Dagim G. Belay, Hailemariam Ayalew
2019/07 Comment on: "Testing Hypotheses in Non-parametric Models of Production" by Kneip, Simar, and Wilson (2016, JBES) Mette Asmild, Arne Henningsen, Dorte Kronborg, Anders Rønn-Nielsen
2019/06 Estimating Stochastic Ray Production Frontiers Mike Tsionas, Marwan Izzeldin, Arne Henningsen, Evaggelos Paravalos
2019/05 Benchmarking with uncertain data: a simulation study comparing alternative methods Jens Leth Hougaard, Pieter Jan Kerstens, Kurt Nielsen
2019/04 Exact tests on returns to scale and comparisons of production frontiers in nonparametric models Anders Rønn-Nielsen, Dorte Kronborg, Mette Asmild
2019/03 The hidden cost of real time electricity pricing Ioana Bejan, Carsten Lynge Jensen, Laura M. Andersen, Lars Gårn Hansen
2019/02 Can Incentives to Increase Electricity Use Reduce the Cost of Integrating Renewable Resources? Laura M. Andersen, Lars Gårn Hansen, Carsten Lynge Jensen, Frank A. Wolak
2019/01 Industry Competitiveness Indicators Mette Asmild, Tomas Baležentis, Jens Leth Hougaard
Number Title Authors
2018/12 Farmers’ perception of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) and associated technologies Maria Nygård Thomsen, Tseganesh Wubale Tamirat, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Kim Martin Lind, Hans Henrik Pedersen, Sytze de Bruin, David Nuyttens, Jurgen Vangeyte, Patrick Dermot Forristal, Claus Grøn Sørensen
2018/11 Regulation of location-specific externalities Eirik S. Amundsen, Lars Gårn Hansen, Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen
2018/10 Superlative approximation of the Luenberger-Hicks-Moorsteen productivity indicator: Theory and application Frederic Ang, Pieter Jan Kerstens
2018/09 Strategic Ignorance of Health Risk: Its Causes and Policy Consequences Jonas Nordström, Linda Thunström, Klaas van ’t Veld, Jason F. Shogren, Mariah Ehmke
2018/08 Cooperation stability: A representative sample in the lab Toke R. Fosgaard

Testing productivity change, frontier shift, and efficiency change

Mette Asmild, Dorte Kronborg, Anders Rønn-Nielsen

Can pecuniary and environmental incentives via SMS messaging make households adjust their intra-day electricity demand to a fluctuating production?

Niels Framroze Møller, Laura Mørch Andersen, Lars Gårn Hansen, Carsten Lynge Jensen

How Many Instruments Do We Really Need? A First-Best Optimal Solution to Multiple Objectives with Fisheries Regulation

Christian Elleby, Frank Jensen

Testing Theoretical Explanations for Investment Behaviour in the Dutch Beam Trawler Fishery in the North Sea

Frank Jensen, Christian Elleby, Katell G. Hamon, Jos op de Weegh

Promises undone: How committed pledges impact donations to charity

Toke R. Fosgaard, Adriaan R. Soetevent

The Chinese Export Displacement Effect Revisited

Christian Elleby, Wusheng Yu, Qian Yu

The Economic Value of Habits in Household Production – A Field Experiment with metered Power use

Ioana Bejan, Carsten Lynge Jensen, Laura M. Andersen, Lars Gårn Hansen
Number Title Authors

Do public works programs crowd-out pro-environmental behavior? Empirical evidence from food-for-work programs in Ethiopia

Goytom Abraha Kahsay, Workineh Asmare Kassie, Abebe Damte Beyene, Lars Gårn Hansen

Do parents leave a smaller carbon footprint?

Jonas Nordström, Jason F. Shogren, Linda Thunström

Distributive outcomes matter: Measuring social preferences for climate policy

Lea Skræp Svenningsen

Preferences for distributional impacts of climate policy

Lea Skræp Svenningsen, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

More gas, less coal, and less CO2? Unilateral CO2 reduction policy with more than one Carbon energy source

Julien Xavier Daubanes, Fanny Henriet, Katheline Schubert

The sustainable management of a productive natural capital

Julien Xavier Daubanes

The welfare gain from switching to tax regulation of fisheries

Frank Jensen, Lars Gårn Hansen

Management of invasive species: Should we prevent introduction or mitigate damages?

Jesper S. Schou, Frank Jensen

Can a Repeated Opt-Out Reminder remove hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments? An application to consumer valuation of novel food products

Mohammed H. Alemu, Søren B. Olsen

A welfare economic interpretation of FRAND

Jens Leth Hougaard, Chiu Yu Ko, Xuyao Zhang

The supply of non-renewable resources

Julien Xavier Daubanes, Pierre Lasserre
2017/02 Cooperation, framing and political attitudes Toke R. Fosgaard, Lars G. Hansen, Erik Wengström
2017/01 New Insights into the Stochastic Ray Production Frontier Arne Henningsen, Matěj Bělín, Géraldine Henningsen
Number Title Authors
2016/12 Implications for fisheries management by inclusion of marine ecosystem services Lars Ravensbeck, Ayoe Hoff, Hans Frost
2016/11 Regulation of air pollution from wood-burning stoves Thomas Bue Bjørner, Jørgen Brandt, Lars Gårn Hansen, Martin Groth Hjelmsø, Marianne Nygaard Källstrøm
2016/10 An empirical investigation of German tourist anglers’ preferences for angling in Denmark
Ole Bonnichsen, Carsten Lynge Jensen, Søren Bøye Olsen
2016/09 Households’ willingness to pay for access to outdoor recreation: An application of the house price method using spatial quantile regressions Cathrine Ulla Jensen
2016/08 PanJen: A test for functional form with continuous variables Cathrine Ulla Jensen, Toke Emil Panduro
2016/07 Robin Hood in reverse? Assessing distributional effects of green space policy using a second-stage hedonic house price model Cathrine Ulla Jensen, Toke Emil Panduro, Thomas Hedemark Lundhede, Kathrine von Graevenitz, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen
2016/06 Estimating demand schedules in hedonic analysis: The case of urban parks Toke Emil Panduro, Cathrine Ulla Jensen, Thomas Hedemark Lundhede, Kathrine von Graevenitz, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen
2016/05 The relationship between animal welfare and economic performance at farm level: A quantitative study of Danish pig producers Arne Henningsen, Tomasz Gerard Czekaj, Björn Forkman, Mogens Lund, Aske Schou Nielsen
2016/04 Drought and Groundwater Management Eirik S. Amundsen, Frank Jensen
2016/03 Simultaneous use of black, green, and white certificates systems: A rather messy business Eirik S. Amundsen, Torstein Bye
2016/02 Integrating sensory evaluations in incentivized discrete choice experiments to assess consumer demand for cricket flour buns in Kenya Mohammed H. Alemu, Søren B. Olsen, Suzanne E. Vedel, John Kinyuru, Kennedy O. Pambo
2016/01 Consumer valuation of health attributes in food Sinne Smed, Lars Gårn Hansen

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Number Title Authors
2015/12 The Neural Bases of Framing Effects in Social Dilemmas Julian Macoveanu, Thomas Ramsøy, Martin Skov, Hartvig R. Siebner, Toke R. Fosgaard
2015/11 Nudge for (the Public) Good: How Defaults can affect Cooperation Toke R. Fosgaard, Marco Piovesan
2015/10 Consumer acceptance and willingness to pay for edible insects as food in Kenya: the case of white winged termites Mohammed H. Alemu, Søren B. Olsen, Suzanne E. Vedel, Kennedy O. Pambo, Victor O. Owino
2015/09 A novel approach to dynamic livelihood clustering: Empirical evidence from Nepal Solomon Zena Walelign, Mariève Pouliot, Helle Overgaard Larsen, Carsten Smith-Hall
2015/08 Forest Value and Optimal Rotations in Continuous Cover Forestry Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Frank Jensen, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen
2015/07 A Montero auction mechanism for regulating unobserved use of the commons Lars Gårn Hansen
2015/06 Sugarcane outgrowers in Ethiopia: ’Forced’ to remain poor? Mengistu Assefa Wendimu, Arne Henningsen, Peter Gibbon
2015/05 Tax me if you can: An artefactual field experiment on dishonesty Catrine Jacobsen, Marco Piovesan
2015/04 Certainty and Overconfidence in Future Preferences for Food Linda Thunström, Jonas Nordström, Jason F. Shogren
2015/03 The marine ecosystem services approach in a fisheries management perspective Søren Anker Pedersen, Hans Lassen, Hans Frost
2015/02 Incentives and Moral Hazard: Plot Level Productivity of Factory-Operated and Outgrower-Operated Sugarcane Production in Ethiopia Mengistu Assefa Wendimu, Arne Henningsen, Tomasz Gerard Czekaj
2015/01 Poverty and Price Transmission Christian Elleby


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Number Title Authors
2014/12  Social Networks and Factor Markets: Panel Data Evidence from Ethiopia   Kibrom A. Abay, Goytom Abraha Kahsay, Guush Berhane 
2014/11  Green Lights: Quantifying the economic impacts of drought   Peter Fisker 
2014/10 The Effects of China’s Sloping Land Conversion Program on Agricultural Households   Zhen Liu, Arne Henningsen  
2014/09 Price reactions when consumers are concerned about pro-social reputation   Goytom Abraha Kahsay, Laura Mørch Andersen,  Lars Gårn Hansen 
2014/08  The Effect of Climate Change and Adaptation Policy on Agricultural Production in Eastern Africa  Goytom Abraha Kahsay, Lars Gårn Hansen 
2014/07  The Sloping Land Conversion Program in China: Effect on Rural Households’ Livelihood Diversification   Zhen Liu
2014/06  Labour markets for irrigated agriculture in central Ethiopia: Wage premiums and segmentation   Mengistu Assefa Wendimu, Peter Gibbon 
2014/05  Consumers’ Preferences for “Bicycle Poultry” in Benin: Implications for the Design of Breeding Schemes  Epiphane Sodjinou, Arne Henningsen, Delphin O. Koudande, Gauthier Biaou, Guy Apollinaire Mensah 
2014/04 The Development of Environmental Productivity: the Case of Danish Energy Plants   Geraldine Henningsen, Arne Henningsen, Sascha T. Schröder, Simon Bolwig 
2014/03  Towards a sustainable capacity expansion of the Danish biogas sector   Mikkel Bojesen, Luc Boerboom, Hans Skov-Petersen 
2014/02  Pay-What-You-Want Pricing Schemes: A Self-Image Perspective Goytom Abraha Kahsay, Margaret Samahita 
2014/01  Food Standards and Vertical Coordination in Aquaculture: The Case of Pangasius from Vietnam Neda Trifković


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Number Title Authors

Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Farms Producing Environmental Output: Parametric and Semiparametric Estimation of Multi-output Stochastic Ray Production Frontiers

Tomasz Gerard Czekaj 


Governance Strategies and Welfare Effects: Vertical Integration and Contracts in the Catfish Sector in Vietnam 

Neda Trifkovic 


Food Standards are Good – for Middle-Class Farmers  

Henrik Hansen, Neda Trifkovic


An alternative to the standard spatial econometric approaches in hedonic house price models  

Kathrine Lausted Veie, Toke Emil Panduro

Jatropha Potential on Marginal Land in Ethiopia: Reality or Myth? 

Mengistu Assefa Wendimu

Forecasting the potential of Danish biogas production – spatial representation of Markov chains

Mikkel Bojesen, Hans Skov-Petersen, Morten Gylling  

Prices versus Quantities: What is the discussion really about? 

Lars Gårn Hansen, Frank Jensen

Rational inattention or rational overreaction? Consumer reactions to health news  

Martin Browning, Lars Gårn Hansen, Sinne Smed

The Vindication of Don Quijote: The impact of noise and visual pollution from wind turbines on local residents in Denmark 

Cathrine Ulla Jensen, Toke Emil Panduro, Thomas Hedemark Lundhede 

Bayesian network as a modelling tool for risk management in agriculture 

Svend Rasmussen, Anders L. Madsen, Mogens Lund

Measuring the Influence of Networks on Transaction Costs Using a Non-parametric Regression Technique 

Géraldine Henningsen, Arne Henningsen, Christian H.C.A. Henning 

A model for the optimal risk management of (farm) firms 

Svend Rasmussen

The Hidden Cost of Specialization 

Fabio Landini, Antonio Nicolò, Marco Piovesan

Asymmetric default bias in dishonesty – how defaults work but only when in one’s favor

Toke Reinholt Fosgaard
2013/7 A Monte Carlo Study on Multiple Output Stochastic Frontiers: Comparison of Two Approaches Géraldine Henningsen, Arne Henningsen, Uwe Jensen
2013/6 Panel Data Nonparametric Estimation of Production Risk and Risk Preferences: An Application to Polish Dairy Farms Tomasz Czekaj, Arne Henningsen
2013/5 Panel Data Specifications in Nonparametric Kernel Regression: An Application to Production Functions  Tomasz Czekaj, Arne Henningsen
2013/4 Understanding the Nature of Cooperation Variability Toke Fosgaard, Lars Gårn Hansen, Erik Wengström
2013/3 Making sense of elephants in the shamba: human-elephant interaction in Laikipia County, Kenya Jennifer Bond
2013/2 Does Organic Crowding Out Influence Organic Food Demand? evidence from a Danish micro panel Lars Gårn Hansen, Laura Mørch Andersen
2013/1 Obtaining reliable Likelihood Ratio tests from simulated likelihood functions Laura Mørch Andersen


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Number Title Authors
2012/15 Separating Will from Grace: An Experiment on Conformity and Awareness in Cheating Toke Fosgaard, Lars Gaarn Hansen, Marco Piovesan
2012/14 The Danish tax on saturated fat: Short run effects on consumption and consumer prices of fats Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Sinne Smed
2012/13 Actions with economic elements embedded in the social networks of Danish farmer investors abroad Luljeta Hajderllari
2012/12 Comparing Parametric and Nonparametric Regression Methods for Panel Data: the Optimal Size of Polish Crop Farms Tomasz Gerard Czekaj, Arne Henningsen
2012/11 Community-Based Management and Interrelations between Different Technology Adoption Decisions: Innovations in Village Poultry Farming in Western Africa Epiphane Sodjinou, Arne Henningsen
2012/10 Danish Farmers and Investors: An analysis of reasons and motivations for increasing cross-border agricultural activities in Central and Eastern European countries Luljeta Hajderllari, Kostas Karantininis, Ole Bonnichsen
2012/9 The effects of different types of taxes on soft-drink consumption Abdulfatah Sheikhbihi Adam, Sinne Smed
2012/8 The structural dynamics of the food industry in the EU Luljeta Hajderllari, Kostas Karantininis
2012/7 FDI as an Export-Platform: A Gravity Model for the Danish Agri-Food Industry Luljeta Hajderllari, Kostas Karantininis, Lartey G. Lawson
2012/6 Improving Village Poultry’s Survival Rate through Community-based Poultry Health Management: Evidence from Benin Epiphane Sodjinou, Arne Henningsen, Olorounto D. Koudande
2012/5 The emergence of diverse organic consumers: Who are they and how do they shape demand? Thomas Bøker Lund, Laura Mørch Andersen, Katherine O’Doherty Jensen
2012/4 Can Non-point Phosphorus Emissions from Agriculture be Regulated efficiently using Input-Output Taxes? Line Block Hansen, Lars Gårn Hansen
2012/3 Regulating Renewable Resources under Uncertainty Lars Gårn Hansen
2012/2 The Regulation of Hunting: A Population Tax Jens Abildtrup, Frank Jensen
2012/1 The Emotional Consequences of Pro-social Behavior in Markets Toke Fosgaard


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Number Title Authors
2011/17    Economic costs and benefits of promoting healthy takeaway meals at workplace canteens Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen, Morten Raun Mørkbak, Jonas Nordström
2011/16 A Comparison of Model-based and Design-based Impact Evaluations of Interventions in Developing Countries Henrik Hansen, Ninja Ritter Klejntrup. Ole Winckler Andersen
2011/15 Digging deeper: How do different types of organic consumers influence the increasing organic market share? Laura Mørch Andersen, Thomas Bøker Lund
2011/14 Another Perspective on Gender Specific Access to Credit in Africa Henrik Hansen, John Rand
2011/13 Investment Utilisation, Adjustment Costs, and Technical Efficiency in Danish Pig Farms Jakob Vesterlund Olsen, Arne Henningsen
2011/12 The Use of Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) to Predict the Carcass Composition of Lambs Vasco A. P. Cadavez, Arne Henningsen

Framing and Misperceptions in a Public Good Experiment (revised Oct 2012)

(Supplementary material)

Toke Reinholt Fosgaard, Lars Gårn Hansen, Erik Wengström
2011/10 The effect of providing free autopoweroff plugs to households on electricity consumption - A field experiment Carsten Lynge Jensen, Lars Gårn Hansen, Troels Fjordbak, Erik Gudbjerg
2011/9 Econometric Estimation of the Constant Elasticity of Substitution" Function in R: Package micEconCES

Arne Henningsen, Géraldine Henningsen

2011/8 Attending to the reasons for attribute non-attendance in Choice Experiments Mohammed Hussen Alemu, Morten Raun Mørkbak, Søren Bøye Olsen, Carsten Lynge Jensen
2011/7 The Water Framework Directive A Directive for the Twenty-first Century? Lasse Baaner, Henrik Josefsson
2011/6 Instrument Choice when Regulators are Concerned about Resource Extinction Lars Gårn Hansen, Frank Jensen, Clifford Russell
2011/5 Good ecological status of surface water technical provision or legal norm?  Lasse Baaner
2011/4 Do recruitment ties affect wages? An analysis using matched employer-employee data from Vietnam Anna Folke Larsen, John Rand, Nina Torm
2011/3 Regulating groundwater use in developing countries: a feasible instrument for public intervention  Lars Gårn Hansen, Frank Jensen, Eirik S. Amundsen
2011/2 Regulating water extraction in a river basin with upstream-downstream communities  Mette Kildegaard Graversen
2011/1 Standards vs. Labels with imperfect competition and asymmetric information Kenneth Baltzer


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Number Title Author
2010/16 Maintaining symmetry of simulated likelihood functions Laura Mørch Andersen
2010/15 Minimum Quality Standards and International Trade Kenneth Baltzer
2010/14 Collective Action, Clientelism and Connectivity Mahvish Shami
2010/13 The Impact of Market Exposure on Public Goods Provision Mahvish Shami
2010/12 The Impact of Connectivity on Market Interlinkages; Evidence from Rural Punjab Mahvish Shami
2010/11 Testing the Effect of a Short Cheap Talk Script in Choice Experiments Jacob Ladenburg, Jens Olav Dahlgaard, Ole Bonnichsen
2010/10 Quota Enforcement in Resource Industries: Self-Reporting and Differentiated Inspections Lars Gårn Hansen, Frank Jensen, Linda Nøstbakken
2010/9 Augmenting short Cheap Talk scripts with a repeated Opt-Out Reminder in Choice Experiment surveys Jacob Ladenburg, Søren Bøye Olsen
2010/8 Jointness through fishing days input in a multi-species Fishery Lars Gårn Hansen, Carsten Lynge Jensen
2010/7 Reducing Status Quo Bias in Choice Experiments An Application of a Protest Reduction Entreaty Ole Bonnichsen, Jacob Ladenburg
2010/6 Animal Welfare and Eggs Cheap Talk or Money on the Counter? Laura Mørch Andersen
2010/5 Disentangling Purchasing Motives from Socio-demographic Differences: The case of Organic Milk Laura Mørch Andersen
2010/4 The Rise and Fall of Divorce. A Sociological Adjustment of Beckers Model of the Marriage Market Signe Hald Andersen, Lars Gårn Hansen
2010/3 The Dynamics of Farm Land Allocation Short and Long Run Reactions in a Long Micro Panel Søren Arnberg, Lars Gårn Hansen
2010/2 Elicitation of Preferences for Improvements in Ostomy Pouches A Discrete Choice Experiment Ole Bonnichsen
2010/1 Gender anomalies in Experimental Economics Are biases really gender dependent? Jacob Ladenburg, Søren Bøye Olsen


Number Title Author
6 Effektmåling af elsparetiltag

Carsten Lynge Jensen, Troels Fjordbak, Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, Lisbeth Stryhn Rasmussen

5     Evaluering af innovationsloven

Henning Otte Hansen, Katrine Stagaard, Mogens Lund


Udvikling af et evalueringsværktøj til innovationsprojekter


Derek Baker, Mogens Lund, Henning Otte Hansen

3           Økonomiske konsekvensanalyser af miljøvirkemidler i landbrugssektoren

Carsten J. Nissen, Alex Dubgaard, Ole Bonnichsen, Jens Abildtrup


Fremskrivningsværktøj til belysning af fødevareerhvervenes økonomi

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Henning Otte Hansen, Vøgg Løwe Nielsen


Trade Liberalisation in the Doha Round:

A Global and Danish Perspective

Kenneth Baltzer, Hans G. Jensen, Kim M. Lind



Number Title Author

Analyse af styrker, svagheder og udviklingspotentiale i

frugt- og grøntsektoren


Henning Otte Hansen

Data for Analysing Productivity Changes in Danish Agriculture 1985-2006


Svend Rasmussen

Measuring Agricultural Policy Bias: General Equilibrium Analysis of Fifteen Developing Countries

Henning Tarp Jensen, Sherman Robinson, Finn Tarp

13 Spørgeskemakonstruktion - I studiet af investeringsadfærden blandt danske svineproducenter Jacob Vesterlund Olsen

Konsekvenser af pløjefri dyrkning for afvandingsoplande på Fyn:

Områdebaserede analyser af driftsøkonomi og miljø 

Jens Abildtrup, Carsten Junker Nissen, Jens Erik Ørum

11 Virkemidler i Det Danske Landdistriktsprogram 2007 - 2013 Jens Abildtrup    
10 Human capital, technological progress and growth in developing countries

Lill Andersen, Henrik Hansen

9 Investeringsadfærd blandt danske svineproducenter Jacob Vesterlund Olsen

Value-added in the Danish food industry


Philipp Festerling
7 Hypotetiske værdisætningsmetoder. Faldgruber og fejlkilder

Jacob Ladenburg, Alex Dubgaard

6 Anvendelse af ikke-brugsværdiestimater fra værdisætningsstudier

Søren Bøye Olsen, Jacob Ladenburg, Alex Dubgaard


Innovation in a multiple-stage, multiple-product food marketing chain


Derek Baker, Tove Christensen

4 Modeling Agricultural Domestic Support in China: recent policy reversals and two future scenarios

Wusheng Yu, Hans Grinsted Jensen

3 Dynamic Economic Relationships among China's Cotton Imports and the EU Market for Apparel Exports

Wusheng Yu, Ronald Babula


Improving the land use specification in the GTAP model

Kenneth Baltzer, Jesper Kløverpris

Risikostyring i landbruget

Svend Rasmussen


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Number Title Author
21 The Costs of Food Safety - a Methodological Review

Lartey G. Lawson, Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen, Mogens Lund

20 The Banning of Anti-Microbial Growth Promoters and Farm Efficiency Effects in Danish Pig Production Lartey G. Lawson, Johannes Sauer, Peter V. Jensen, Helene H. Jensen        
19 Seminar om evaluering af forskningsprogrammer

Anders Larsen, Søren Marcus Pedersen


Effektmåling på handlingsplaner og Balanced Scorecards i Kvægproduktion 2010

Michael Fussing Clausen, Mogens Lund


Therapeutic antibiotic use and the variable costs of broiler production in Denmark 

Lartey G. Lawson, Vibeke F. Jensen, Jacob B. Christensen, Mogens Lund

16 Competition and transactions in the Danish food industry

Derek Baker, Kimmie Graber-Lützhøft

15 Policy and the modern food supply chain Derek Baker
14 Tracing the Impact of Non-Use of Antimicrobial Growth Promotors on Output Productivities in Danish Broiler Production

Lartey G. Lawson, Vibeke F. Jensen, Lars Otto

13  The Spatial Integration of Paddy Markets in Vietnam

Le Dang Trung, Tran Ngo Minh Tam, Bob Baulch, Henrik Hansen

12 Schemes for aggregating preferential tariffs in agriculture, export volume effects and African LDCs Wusheng Yu
11  Muligheder, trusler og forventninger i dansk fødevareindustri

Derek Baker, Kimmie Graber-Lützhøft

10   Agricultural Sector Modelling

Svend Rasmussen

Exploiting the Cointegration Properties of US Pork related Markets

Ronald A. Babula, Mogens Lund

Vertical price transmission in the Danisk food marketing chain

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Anja Skadkær Møller

Innovation and the policy environment - Findings from a workshop with meat industry firms in Skive

Derek Baker, Karen Hamann

Role of regional and rural development policy in supporting small-scale agribusiness in remote areas

Derek Baker, Jens Abildtrup, Anders Hedetoft, René Kusier

Analyse af tre forskellige scenarier for afgiftsændringer på fødevarer Jørgen Dejgård Jensen
4 The Economy-Wide Impact of Multilateral NAMA Tariff Reductions: A Global and Danish Perspective

Hans Grinsted Jensen, Kennelth Baltzer, Ronald A. Babula, Søren E. Frandsen

Optimising Production using the State-Contingent Approach versus the EV Approach

Svend Rasmussen
 2 European Free Trade Areas as an alternative to Doha - Impacts of US, Russian and Chinese FTAs

Kenneth Baltzer, Søren E. Frandsen, Hans G. Jensen  

 1 A Vector Autoregression Model of Danish Markets for Pork, Chicken and Beef

Lill Andersen, Ronald Babula, Helene Hartmann, Martin Magelund Rasmussen


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Number Title Author
11  GRO modellen: Grise risiko og økonomi. Datagrundlag  Lars Otto 
10  GRO modellen: Grise risiko og økonomi. Teoretiske grundlag  Lars Otto 
Schultzs Hypothesis Revisited - Small Scale Joint
Production in the Eastern Amazon 
Johannes Sauer, Arisbe Mendoza-Escalante
Recent Productivity Developments and Technical Change in Danish Organic Farming - Stagnation?

Johannes Sauer, Jesper T. Graversen, Tim Park, Solange Sotelo, Niels Tvedegaard  

Prices and Species Diversity - Stochastic Modelling of Environmental Efficiency Johannes Sauer
Starting Point Anchoring Effects in Choice Experiments

Jacob Ladenburg, Søren Bøye Olsen

Optimizing Production under Uncertainty - Generalization of the State-Contingent Approach and Comparison with the EV Model Svend Rasmussen
4 Fremtidens biogasfællesanlæg - Nye anlægskoncepter og økonomisk potentiale

Johannes Christensen

3 Attitudes towards Wind Power Development in Denmark Jacob Ladenburg
Romanian Maize - Distorted Prices and Producer Efficiency

Johannes Sauer, Borbala Balint

1 Economic Theory and Econometric Practice: Parametric Efficiency Analysis

Johannes Sauer



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Number Title Author
7 Domestic Support and the Doha Development Agenda: An Exercise in Political Economy

Henrik Zobbe, Hans Grinsted Jensen

6 Incorporating Multiple Objectives in Fisheries Management: Experiences and Conceptual Implications Jens Kjærsgaard
5 Potato Production in Europe - A Gross Margin Analysis

Søren Marcus Pedersen, Jan Bizik, Luisa Dalla Costa, João Coutinho, Frantisek Dolezal, Anna Gluska

4 Kontraktproduktion af slagtekyllinger Jens-Martin Bramsen
3 Administration Costs of Agri-Environmental Regulations - Empirical Work Henrik Huusom
2 Forøgelse af naturværdien på landbrugsejendomme - Driftsøkonomiske vurderinger af tiltag 

Jens Abildtrup, Morten Gylling, Christian Vesterager

1 Effektmåling ved implementering af The Balanced Scorecard på kvægbedrifter 

Jakob Vesterlund Olsen, Mogens Lund

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Number Title Author
11 Reducing the Use of Pesticides in Danish Agriculture - Macro- and Sector-Economic Analyses

Lars-Bo Jacobsen, Martin Andersen, Jørgen Dejgård Jensen

10 Virker detailhandlens tilbuds- og annonceringskampagner? Analyser af efterspørgslen efter æg, svinekød og fjerkræ  Kenneth Baltzer
Identifying Firms that Win and Lose from Danish Food Industry Policy Derek Baker
8 Fødevareefterspørgsel på tværs - Sundhed og ernæring: Er momsdifferentiering en farbar vej?

Sinne Smed, Sigrid Denver

7 Review of Policies Impacting the Danish Food Marketing Chain

Karen Hamann, Derek Baker 

6 Survey of Danish Food Industry Firms' Views on Policies that Impact the Food Industry

Derek Baker, Trine Vig Jensen, Divya Das, Torkild Dalgaard

5 Begrænsning af lugtgener fra svineproduktionen - Perspektiver for et bedre nærmiljø  Aage Walter-Jørgensen
4 Økonomiske analyser af virkemidler til reduktion af næringsstofbelastningen til Ringkøbing Fjord

Jens Abildtrup, Jens Erik Ørum, Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Brian H. Jacobsen

3 Biorefined Proteins from Rapeseed - Economic Assessment and System Analysis

Christian Bagger, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Morten Gylling 

2 Sundhedsrådgivning og økonomi inden for svineproduktion - Hvilke redskaber bruger rådgiverne, og hvad er deres behov?

Lars Otto, Niels Peter Baadsgaard, Charlotte Sonne Kristensen


Landmænds adfærd i teori og praksis - Et regionalt casestudie

Divya Das


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Number Title Author
16 Analyse af fødevarekæder - Centrale begreber og metoder

Janus Søndergaard, Jesper T. Graversen, Mogens Lund

15 Analysis of organic supply chains - a theoretical framework Paul Rye Kledal
14 Konstruktion af et Balanced Scorecard til en mælkekvægsbedrift - Et pilotstudie i "Kvægproduktion - 2010"

Niels Mellerup, Mogens Lund

13 Driftsmæssige konsekvenser af afstandskrav mellem GM- og ikke-GM-afgrøder - analyse af caseområde

Jens Abildtrup, Morten Gylling

12 Økonomisk organisering af svinekødssektoren

Morten L. Bonefeld, Jesper T. Graversen

11 Impacts of the eastern European accession and the 2003-reform of the CAP - consequences for individual member countries

Hans Grinsted Jensen, Søren E. Frandsen

10 Videndeling og kompetenceudvikling - En modelstrategi for Afdelingen for Jordbrugets Driftsøkonomi

Mogens Lund, Lars Otto, Janus Søndergaard, Jens Erik Ørum


9 Sector- and Economy-Wide Effects of Terminating the Use of Anti-Microbial Growth Promoters in Denmark

Lars-Bo Jacobsen, Hans Grinsted Jensen


8 Marginale producenter af udvalgte landbrugsprodukter

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Martin Andersen

7 Trade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenue: A Gendered Analysis for Mozambique

Channing Arndt, Finn Tarp

6 SGM-Calculation of Costs in Denmark

Henning Porskrog, Mona Kristoffersen, Karsten Larsen, Ole Olsen

5 Beregningsgrundlag for prisudviklingen for uforarbejdet fisk i Danmark: Arbejdspapir til Fiskeriets Økonomi 2003

Max Nielsen

4 Tariff Preferences, WTO Negotiations and the LDCs - The Case of the "Everything But Arms" Initiative

Wusheng Yu, Trine Vig Jensen

3 Trade Liberalisation and Spatial Inequality: Methodological Innovations in Vietnamese Perspective

Henning Tarp Jensen, Finn Tarp

2 Sammenligning af udvalgte svenske og danske landbrugsbedrifter Peter Vig Jensen
1 Implications of EU Accession of Ten New Members - The Copenhagen Agreement

Hans Grinsted Jensen, Søren E. Frandsen

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Number Title Author
19 HACCP i den danske ægsektor - En transaktionsøkonomisk analyse

Janus Søndergaard, Mogens Lund

18 Reasons for Technical Inefficiency of Danish Baltic Sea Trawlers

Jesper Levring Andersen

17 En økonometrisk model for fødevareefterspørgslen i Danmark

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Lene Toftkær

16 Økologi i dansk økonomi - Konstruktion af en økologispecifik input-output-tabel Lars-Bo Jacobsen
15 China's WTO Commitments in Agriculture: Does the Impact Depend on OECD Agricultural Policies?

Wusheng Yu, Søren E. Frandsen

14 The translog approximation of the constant elasticity of substitution production function with more than two input variables Ayoe Hoff
13 The groundfish fishery of Georges Bank - an examination of management and overcapacity issues

Erik Lindebo, Mark Lucas Soboil

12 Oversigt over eksisterende empiriske studier af fødevareefterspørgslen

Martin Wegge, Jørgen Dejgård Jensen


11 Efterspørgslen efter fødevarekvalitet og -sikkerhed: et pilotstudie af danske forbrugeres efterspørgsel efter æg

Kenneth Baltzer


10 Using different inputs and outputs to estimate technical efficiency in fisheries - an application to Danish seiners in the North Sea and Skagerrak

Jesper Levring Andersen

Jordbrugsbedrifternes økonomi i EU - Analyser på regnskabsdata

Steffen Møllenberg

8 Vietnam's Rice Policy: Recent Reforms and Future Opportunities Chantal Pohl Nielsen
Energiafgrøder til fastbrændselsformål - Produktionsøkonomi, håndteringsomkostninger og leveringsplaner

Jesper T. Graversen, Morten Gylling

Perspektiverne for præcisionsjordbrug

Søren Marcus Pedersen, Jørgen Lindgaard Pedersen, Morten Gylling

Projecting World Food Demand Using Alternative Demand Systems

Wusheng Yu, Thomas W. Hertel, Paul Preckel, James Eales

4 Fødevarekvalitet og -sikkerhed - Centrale begreber og deres operationalisering

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen


2 Where Do Developing Countries Go after Doha? An Analysis of WTO Positions and Potential Alliances

Christian Bjørnskov, Kim Martin Lind

1 Reviewing the SPS Agreement: A Developing Country Perspective

Michael Friis Jensen

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Number Title Author
2001/20 Empirisk analyse af generationsskifter i landbruget

Søren Svendsen

2001/19 Climate Change and Regulation of Agricultural Land Use: A Literature Survey on Adaptation Options and Policy Measures

Jens Abildtrup, Morten Gylling

2001/18 Does Timing and Announcement Matter? Restricting the Production of Pigs within a Dynamic CGE Model

Philip D. Adams, Lill Andersen, Lars-Bo Jacobsen

2001/17 Gartneriets Økonomi 1995-99 med særligt henblik på omkostninger til pesticider og biologisk bekæmpelse

Henrik Bolding Pedersen, Steffen Møllenberg

2001/16 How Desirable Is the South Asian Free Trade Area? A Quantitative Economic Assessment

Jayatilleke S. Bandara, Wusheng Yu

2001/15 Food Reserve Stocks and Critical Food Shortages - A Proposal Based on the Needs of Sub-Saharan Africa Kim Martin Lind 

From Lomé to Cotonou - The New EU-ACP Agreement

Christian Bjørnskov, Ekaterina Krivonos

2001/13 Modelling the EU Sugar Policy - A Study of Policy Reform Scenarios

Søren E. Frandsen, Hans Grinsted Jensen, Wusheng Yu, Aage Walter-Jørgensen

2001/12 En afviklingsstrategi for den direkte støtte i EU's fælles landbrugspolitik - Muligheder og begrænsninger Poul Melgaard
2001/11 EU's regnskabsstatistik for jordbrug - Metoder og resultater vedrørende Danmark Steffen Møllenberg
2001/10 ESMERALDA som formodel til makromodellen ADAM - Dokumentation og anvendelse

Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Connie Nielsen, Martin Andersen

2001/9 Overskuds- og indkomstbegreber i regnskabsstatistikken for landbrug Jens Hansen
2001/8 Social Accounting Matrices for Vietnam: 1996 and 1997 Chantal Pohl Nielsen
2001/7 EU Trade with Developing Countries

Aage Walter-Jørgensen, Trine Vig Jensen

2001/6 Lupinproduktionen til fermenteringsindustrien - Vurdering af teknologi og økonomi

Søren Marcus Pedersen, Morten Gylling

2001/5 Driftsgrensøkonomi for økologisk jordbrug 1999

Mona Kristoffersen, Ole Olsen, Søren Schmidt Thomsen

2001/4 The Economics of Producing Quality Oils, Proteins and Bioactive Products for Food and Non-Food Purposes Based on Biorefining

Søren Marcus Pedersen, Morten Gylling

2001/3 Metoder til datakonstruktion for bayesianske netværk - Udvikling af beslutningsstøttesystem til sundhedsstyring i svinebesætninger Lars Otto
2001/2 A Comparison of Producer Adoption of Precision Agricultural Practices in Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States

Søren Marcus Pedersen, Richard B. Ferguson, Murray Lark

2001/1 Consumer Attitudes towards Genetically Modified Foods - The Modelling of Preference Changes

Chantal Pohl Nielsen, Karen Thierfelder, Sherman Robinson

2000/17 Målrettede eller generelle politiske virkemidler? Økonomiske analyser i geografisk perspektiv

Hild Rygnestad, Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Tommy Dalgaard

2000/16 Estimation af priselasticitet for gødnings- og pesticidkomponenter

Stine Hjarnø Jørgensen, Jørgen Dejgård Jensen 

2000/15 Economic Impacts of the Enlargement of the European Union - Analysing the Importance of Direct Payments

Søren E. Frandsen, Hans Grinsted Jensen 

2000/14 Beregningsgrundlag for indtjening i det danske fiskeri: Arbejdspapir til "konjunkturrapport" for dansk fiskeri 2000

Jesper Levring Andersen

2000/13 Landbrugets nettokapitalomkostninger fastsat under hensyntagen til inflation og beskatning Jens Hansen
2000/12 Driftsøkonomiske forhold ved omlægning til økologisk slagtekyllingeproduktion

Niels Tvedegaard, Camilla Fisker, Mogens Lund

2000/11 Consumer Demand in a Developing Country with Special Regard to Food - The Case of India Kim Martin Lind 
2000/10 Capacity Development of the EU and Danish Fishing Fleets Erik Lindebo
2000/9 Calculations of Danish Prices of Unprocessed Seafood Max Nielsen
2000/8 Økologisk jordbrug for fremtiden? En økonomisk analyse af de potentielle økologiske jordbrugere Paul Rye Kledal 
2000/7 Gartnerierhvervets produktivitetsudvikling - Samt udviklingen i mængder og priser, herunder bytteforhold, mellem 1980 og 1998-99 Steffen Møllenberg
2000/6 Calculation SGM - How We Do It in Denmark Henning Porskrog 
2000/5 Driftgrensøkonomi for økologisk jordbrug 1998-99

Arne Lauridsen, Ole Olsen, Svend Sørensen

2000/4 Integrating Environmental Economics and Policy Analyses in a Geographical Information System Hild Rygnestad
2000/3 GMOs, Trade Policy and Welfare in Rich and Poor Countries

Chantal Pohl Nielsen, Kym Anderson

2000/2 Omlægning til økologisk planteavl - Analyse af de økonomiske konsekvenser på udvalgte planteavlsbedrifter Niels Tvedegaard
2000/1 Environmental Cross Compliance: Topics for Future Research

Tove Christensen, Hild Rygnestad

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Unit of Economics' Working Paper Series
Number Title Author
2004/2 Optimizing Production under Uncertainty: Generalisation of the State-Contingent Approach and Comparison of Methods for Empirical Application

Svend Rasmussen

2004/1 Permit Trading and Credit Trading - A Comparative Static Analysis with Perfect and Imperfect Competition

Jan-Tjeerd Boom

2003/5 Strategic Choice of Domestic Environmental Policy Instrument and International Emissions Trading Scheme in an Open Economy with Imperfect Competition

Jan-Tjeerd Boom

2003/4 Strategic Choice of International Emissions Trading Scheme in an Open Economy with Perfect Competition

Jan-Tjeerd Boom

2003/3 Estimating the Potential Gains from Mergers

Peter Bogetoft, Dexiang Wang

2003/2 Quota Trading and Profitability: Theoretical Models and Applications to Danish Fisheries

Jesper Levring Andersen, Peter Bogetoft


Driftsøkonomiske tab ved pesticidfri dyrkning af landbrugsafgrøder - Et casestudium

Svend Rasmussen

2002/6 Internet Based Benchmarking

Peter Bogetoft, Kurt Nielsen

2002/5 Landbrugets indkomstproblem - Dogme eller realitet?

Poul Melgaard, Henrik Zobbe   

2002/4 European Cooperative Movement - Background and Common Denominators Jarka Chloupkova
2002/3 Polish Agriculture: Organizational Structure and Impacts of Transition

Jarka Chloupkova


2002/2 Single Bid Restriction in Milk Quota Exchanges - Comparing the Danish and the Ontario Exchanges

Peter Bogetoft, Peter Max Friis Jensen, Kurt Nielsen, Henrik Ballebye Olesen, René Olsen

2002/1 Czech Agricultural Sector: Organizational Structure and Its Transformation

Jarka Chloupkova

2001/16 Economic and Environmental Efficiency of District Heating Plants

Per J. Agrell, Peter Bogetoft

2001/14 Rational Inefficiencies

Peter Bogetoft, Jens Leth Hougaard

2001/13 Reaping the Gains from Trade: Constraints and Opportunities of Agricultural Credit Markets

Jarka Chloupkova, Christian Bjørnskov 

2001/12 The Economic and Historical Foundation of the Common Agricultural Policy in Europe

Henrik Zobbe 

2001/11 Issues and Challenges in Regulation Economics

Per J. Agrell, Peter Bogetoft

2001/10 DEA-Based Incentive Regimes in Health-Care Provision

Per J. Agrell, Peter Bogetoft

2001/9 Incentive Problems and Investment Timing Options

Rick Antle, Peter Bogetoft, Andrew W. Stark

2001/8 Efficiency and Merger Gains in the Danish Forestry Extension Service

Peter Bogetoft, Niels Strange, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

2001/7 Landbrugspolitikkens økonomisk-teoretiske fundament

Karsten Kyed, Niels Kærgård, Henrik Zobbe 

2001/6 Discrimination and Strategic Group Division in Tournaments

Henrik Ballebye Olesen, René Olsen

2001/5 Intellektuelle ejendomsrettigheder og økonomisk udvikling Christian Friis Bach
2001/4 Contract Production of Green Peas Henrik Ballebye Olesen
2001/3 Destabilising Stabilisation Policy in a Dynamic Menu Cost Model Per Svejstrup Hansen
2001/2 Den tidlige teoridannelse omkring landbrugets indkomstproblem samt påvirkningen af den fælles landbrugspolitik i Europa Henrik Zobbe
2001/1 Information Based Estimators for the Non-Stationary Transition Probability Matrix: An Application to the Danish Pork Industry Kostas Karantininis
2000/8 Cooperative Supply Chains in Peace and at War

Per J. Agrell, Kostas Karantininis 

2000/7 Technological Change and Economies of Scale in Danish Agriculture Svend Rasmussen
2000/6 Information Systems, Incentives and the Timing of Investments

Rick Antle, Peter Bogetoft, Andrew W. Stark

2000/5 Super Efficiency Evaluations Based on Potential Slack

Peter Bogetoft, Jens Leth Hougaard

2000/4 Polarity in DEA Models

Per J. Agrell, Peter Bogetoft, Jørgen Tind

2000/3 Prices versus Ouantities in Monopolistic Competition Henrik Vetter
2000/2 A Comparison of Agricultural Sector Models: CRAM, DRAM, SASM and the KVL Model Torben Wiborg
2000/1 Systembeskrivelse af bedriftsdelen i KRAM

Klaus Risager

1999/7 Allocative Efficiency of Technically Inefficient Production Units

Peter Bogetoft, Rolf Färe 

1999/6  The Advantage of Cooperatives under Asymmetric Cost Information 

Peter Bogetoft, Peter M.F. Jensen, René Olsen 

1999/5 Estimating the Potential Gains from Mergers: The Danish Agricultural Extension Services
(available in revised edition 2003/3) 

Peter Bogetoft, Dexiang Wang 

1999/4 Process Aggregation and Efficiency  Peter Bogetoft 
1999/3 A Relatively Easy-Access Description of the Logistics, Purposes and Function of the Sector Model KRAM 

Mette Asmild, Torben Wiborg

1999/2 Cooperatives' Merger Strategies: The MD Foods - Kløver Mælk Case 

Per J. Agrell, Kostas Karantininis 

1999/1 A Market-Oriented Approach for Multiple Objective Optimization in Agro-Ecological Land Use Planning  Per J. Agrell 

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