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MSAP Working Paper Series

Title Authors No.
Estimating Returns to Scale in Imprecise Data Envelopment Analysis  A. Hatami-Marbini, Z. Ghelej Beigi, J. Leth Hougaard and K. Gholami 07/2014
Paired structures and bipolar knowledge representation  J. Montero , H. Bustince, C. Franco, J.T. Rodríguez, D. Gómez, M. Pagola, J. Fernandez and E. Barrenechea 06/2014
Market Design for Rapid Demand Response - The Case of Kenya K. Nielsen and T.W. Tamirat 05/2014
Ranking Production Units According to Marginal Efficiency Contribution M. Ghiyasi and J.L. Hougaard 04/2014
Risk Capital Allocation: The Lorenz Set J.L. Hougaard and A. Smilgins  03/2014
A Fuzzy Approach to a Multiple Criteria and Geographical Information System for Decision Support on Suitable Locations for Biogas Plants C. Franco, M. Bojesen, J.L. Hougaard and K. Nielsen 05/2013
Minimum Cost Connection Networks: Truth-telling and Implementation J.L. Hougaard and M. Tvede  03/2013
A Multi-attribute Yardstick Auction without Prior Scoring (revised: A Sealed-bid Two-attribute Yardstick Auction Without Prior Scoring) J.L.Hougaard, K.Nielsenand A. Papakonstantinou  02/2013
Cost Allocation with Limited Information J.L. Hougaard and J. Tind  01/2013 
Rationing with Baselines:The Composition Extension Operator J.L.Hougaard, J.D.Moreno-Ternero and L.P.Osterdal  08/2012
A New Axiomatic Approach to the Evaluation of Population Health J.L.Hougaard, J.D.Moreno-Ternero and L.P.Osterdal  07/2012
Sharing the Cost of Redundant Items J.L.Hougaard and H.Moulin  06/2012
Do Efficiency Scores Depend on Input Mix? A Statistical Test and Empirical Illustration M.Asmild, J.L.Hougaardand D.Kronborg  05/2012
The Scale of Hospital Production in Different Settings: One Size Does not Fit All M. Asmild, B.Hollingsworth and S. Birch   04/2012 
Bank Efficiency and Risk during the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Weighted Restricted DEA Models  M.Asmild and  M. Zhu   03/2012
A Simple Multi-attribute Yardstick Auction without Prior Scoring J.L. Hougaard, K.Nielsenand A. Papakonstantinou  02/2012
Are High Labour Costs Destroying the Competitiveness of Danish Dairy Farmers? Evidence from an International Benchmarking Analysis M.Asmild, K.Nielsenand
P. Bogetoft
Testing Over-representation of Observations in subsets of a DEA Technology M.Asmild, J.L.Hougaardand O.B.Olesen 04/2011 
Does the distribution of efficiency scores depend on the input mix? M. Asmild, J.L. Hougaardand D. Kronborg 03/2011
Incremental Cost Sharing in Chains and Fixed Trees J.L. Hougaard and M. Tvede 02/2011
A Unifying Framework for the Problem of Adjudicating Conflicting Claims J.L. Hougaard, J.D. Moreno-Ternero and L.P. Østerdal 01/2011
Efficient and Confidential Reallocation of Contracts: How The Danish Sugar Industry Adapted to The New Sugar Regime P. Bogetoft and K. Nielsen 07/2010
Weighted Overlap Dominance - A Procedure for Interactive Selection on Multidimensional Interval Data J.L. Hougaard and K. Nielsen 06/2010
Baseline Rationing J.L. Hougaard, J.D. Moreno-Ternero and L.P. Østerdal 05/2010
Testing over-representation of observations in subset of a DEA technology M. Asmild, J.L. Hougaardand O.B. Olesen 04/2010
An Allocatively Efficient Market For Payment Entitlements? K. Nielsen and J.T. Nielsen 03/2010
n-Person Nonconvex Bargaining: Efficient Proportional Solutions J.L. Hougaard and M. Tvede 02/2010
Strategyproof Nash Equilibria in Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Models

J.L. Hougaard and M. Tvede