4 March 2019

VIDEO: New UCPH led Danida project to investigate resilience and land rights in Kenya

Danida has published a video about a new SCIENCE led research project on resilience and land rights in Kenya.

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Category: Statistics, Marketing

The project "Rights and Resilience in Kenya" (RARE) is led by SCIENCE at UCPH. The development objective of RARE is "to ensure secure and peaceful access to land for climate change adaptation and thereby the resilience of all Kenyan citizens", according to the project website

SCIENCE has talked with coordinator on the project Iben Nathan, Associate Professor at the Department of Food and Resource Economics. She looks very much forward to the outcomes of RARE.

“I hope we will deliver some interesting research results on how pastoralists’ strategies for climate change adaptation interact with changing land uses, land conflicts, and land rights in Kenya, and on how relevant global and national policies and legal frameworks play in,” Iben Nathan says and continues: “Further, we aim at research-based recommendations of how these policies and frameworks can best be improved to support peaceful access to land. Communicating such recommendations to policy makers is another central part of our project.”

Additionally, four Kenyan PhD students have been employed to participate in the RARE project. “The ambition is that the skills they obtain through their participation in the RARE project will strengthen research and teaching capacity at University of Nairobi within the field of climate change adaptation, land, and development,” Iben Nathan tells SCIENCE.

The first common fieldwork in the RARE project will take place in two Kenyan counties this fall.

Read much more about the RARE project here.