The objective of the project is to develop a series of project based courses within innovation and entrepreneurship education. These courses will provide students with the opportunity to experience different degrees of entrepreneurship, including engaging in an actual start-up process, as well as to develop entrepreneurial and value creating competencies for example in collaboration with concrete and real-life firm challenges and social entrepreneurship.

The project is a continuation of a number of initiatives at University of Copenhagen within entrepreneurship education - both discipline specific and multi-disciplinary initiatives aiming at developing students general enterprising behaviors in a broader sense.
The new courses will be linked to specific existing IFRO courses including Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Introduction to Consultancy, and Business Development and Innovation and they will offer students an opportunity for supplementing their theoretical knowledge with a hands-on learning experience. Some course will be offered in collaboration with the student incubator UCPH Innovation Hub.

Research topics

  • Entrepreneurship education
  • University-industry relations
  • Incubation


Collaborators are: