Lessons learned and knowledge exchange in the UniBRAIN agribusiness innovation incubator consortia (2012-2014)

The purpose of the study is to minimise barriers to the implementation of the Universities, Business and Research in Agricultural Innovation (UniBRAIN) programme and improve its impact by enhancing the learning process of the six agribusiness incubator consortium partners. This is done by capturing participants’ experiences and by facilitating a discussion of lessons learned across the programme.
The study will address the incubators’ efforts according to two research questions corresponding to two of UniBRAIN’s main objectives:

  • How are agribusiness product, service and process innovations supported and promoted by tripartite incubator networks comprising universities, research institutions and private enterprises?
  • How are universities supported in developing agribusiness curriculums that facilitate graduates’ leaving university with entrepreneurial and business skills?  


Experiences and Lessons Learned from the UniBRAIN Agribusiness Incubation Programme, Carsten Nico Hjortsø, Ian Keith Alexander, Roberto R. Hernandez Chea (December 2017), IFRO Report 266

Funding and collaborations

Research Topics

  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Business incubator management
  • Business incubation