Universities' Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education (UNIEN)

UNIEN represents a knowledge sharing platform that includes over hundreds of scholars, education leaders, and education consultants across Danish universities and other higher education institutions who deal with the key question: How does teaching in innovation and entrepreneurship enhance quality and relevance of higher education?

Topics UNIEN address are:

  • Exams, feedback and its impact on learning entrepreneurial and innovation skills
  • How to integrate extra-curricular innovation and entrepreneurial activities into main curricular
  • How to best possible combine research- and practice-based teaching in innovation and entrepreneurship

Thus, reflection on teaching didactics and development of new methods in innovation and entrepreneurial education are the key denominator for knowledge sharing within UNIEN that unfolds through seminars, conferences, network meetings, and newsletters.

The collaboration and projects UNIEN runs will amount into a joint online publication on exams and feedback in innovation and entrepreneurship at higher education.

UNIENs is funded by The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Young Enterprise (FFE_YE)

Funding and collaborations

Collaborators are:

Research topics

  • Case study of exam and feedback practice in innovation and entrepreneurship at higher education