Agricultural and Food Markets and Policy

Members of the Agricultural and Food Markets and Policy research group conduct policy-relevant economic research in the areas of agricultural and food policy, international agricultural trade, agricultural commodity markets, and agricultural technology assessment.

While food and nutritional security at global and national levels remains a challenging task, national policies and inter-governmental cooperation also have to ensure sustainable agricultural development in relation to the exploitation of natural resources and the environment by the agriculture sector. On the consumption side, societal and human health consequences from both over and under-nutrition also need to be analyzed. Therefore, inter-linkages between agricultural and food markets and policy and climate change, the environment, technology and human health are also important dimensions of the aforementioned research areas.

Staff members of the group are also active in IFRO’s teaching programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels, particularly in areas such as agricultural and food policy, international trade and trade policy, and quantitative methods.

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  • Agri&Agri-Environment Policy in China: assessing China’s current agricultural and agri-environmental policy in relation to sustainable agricultural development (funded by the OECD)

  • OECD PEM extension: extending the OECD Policy Evaluation Model (PEM) to cover the agricultural sectors and agricultural policies in China (funded by the OECD)

  • MIRACLE – cost efficient measures to prevent flooding and eutrophication in the Baltic sea (Bonus)

  • Keratin2Protein – technology assessment and market potential of keratin as a protein source from pig production (innovation fund)

  • PAMCOBA – economics of precision farming (ICT-AGRI – Eranet; IFRO is the coordinator)

  • Inno+:  our part is concerning the economics of precision farming and decision analysis in the INNO+ project coordinated by SEGES, AU and KU among others

  • Innosense – include an exchange programme of scientific partners in EU with University of Novi Sad in Serbia as a coordinator (EU funded)

  • Green Growth: funded by Danish Ministry of Foreign of Affairs


Wusheng Yu
Associate Professor
Section for Production, Markets and Policy

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