Community monitoring of forest resources in Cambodia

The research project is about botanical exploration and conservation of some of Cambodia’s distinctive forest habitats by engaging residential communities in participatory surveys of species compositions and vegetation structure. Communities are also engaged in monitoring of forest resources and forest crimes such as illegal logging. The project investigates the role of local and indigenous peoples’ knowledge and institutions in the protection of ecosystems and whether information and communication technology such as remote sensing, smartphones and apps can facilitate timely enforcement of environmental protection.

Project period: 2007-2022


















The project is a continuation of ecological and livelihood surveys undertaken in Cambodia for the past 13 years in collaboration with The Forestry Administration Cambodia, The Ministry of Environment Cambodia , and the Herbarium at Chiang Mai University (CMU). In 2014, collaboration with Danmission and The Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN) began All project partners have an abiding interest in floristic exploration and the conservation of Cambodia’s plant resources for the benefit of local and indigenous people.



















The project is funded by Danida, WWF Denmark, Conservation International, Blue Moon Fund, Vibeke Aase og Johan Fr. Odfjells Almennyttige Stiftelse, Carlsberg Foundation.

Project: Community monitoring of forest resources in Cambodia
Start: 2007
End:  2022

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