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This page provides an overview of (i) papers and posters using TGG-N data presented at conferences, and (ii) TGG-N conducted workshops and conferences.

Papers presented at international conferences

Six papers were presented by TGG-N researchers at the “Dynamic borderlands: livelihoods, communities, and flows”, 5th International Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network, 12-14 December, Kathmandu:

Smith-Hall, C., Pouliot, M. and Pyakurel, D. 2016. Into thin air: mapping and quantifying the national-level trade in medicinal plants from Nepal.

Chapagain, A., Das, A.K., Ghimire, S.K., Larsen, H.O., Pouliot, M., Pyakurel, D. and Smith-Hall, C. 2016. A complete cross-border painting? What do we know about commercial medicinal plant trade from Nepal?

Pyakurel, D., Srivastava, S. and Smith-Hall, C. 2016. Quantification of the cross-border trade of medicinal plants from Darchula District, Nepal.

Pouliot, M., Smith-Hall, C. and Pyakurel, D. 2016. The trade in high altitude gold: Estimating trade volume and value of yarsagumba form Nepal.

Chapagain, D.J., Meilby, H. and Ghimire, S. 2016. Sustainability of harvest of the commercially threatened medicinal plant Aconitum spicatum (Briihl) Stapf in Central Nepal.

Poudeyal, M.R., Meilby, H. and Ghimire, S. 2016. Variation in life history traits of a commercially threatened medicinal herb, Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora, along an environmental gradient in alpine Himalaya, Nepal.

Conducted workshops and conferences

Start-up Workshop for the project “Transiting to green growth: natural resources in Nepal” (TGG-N), 23 – 26 April 2014, Patan, Nepal.

TGG-N Data Analysis and Writing Workshop, 6-10 November 2016, Nagarkot, Nepal.