Greeinsect – University of Copenhagen

GREEiNSECT – Insects for green economy

IFRO project coordinator:

Søren Bøye Olsen

GREEiNSECT, a consortium of public and private institutions, aims to investigate how insects can be utilized as novel and supplementary sources of protein by means of mass production in small- to large-scale industries in Kenya. By studying their applications to food, nutritional, and feed security, as well as their economic and social acceptance, GREEiNSECT aims to demonstrate the use of insects as a concrete tool for developing a new, sustainable and inclusive component of the food and feed sector. GREEiNSECT is organized through work packages addressing: 1) technological development, adoption and adaption capabilities of insects for feed and food, and investigation of operational and implementable business models; 2) creation of the foundation for development of institutional frameworks necessary for managing the risk of disease in the reared insects, humans and animals related to mass rearing systems, and international trade and food security standards; 3) modeling and assessing contribution of insect production systems to green economic growth and nutrition security, and exploring economic and political incentives for the development of climate-friendly food and feed sector; 4) capacity building of Kenyan research institutions and dissemination of knowledge gained; and 5)  development of a Kenya-based knowledge platform involving public and private sectors. Furthermore, international partners from SE Asia will advance the progress of the project through their experiences with the edible insect sector. International knowledge dissemination will be supported by FAO.

Time frame:

January 2014 - December 2017

Source of financing:



Total: DKK 10.0 mill 

IFRO share: DKK 2.1 mill