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Helle Overgaard Larsen

Helle Overgaard Larsen

Associate Professor

Associate professor

My education is in forestry, land use in developing countries and agroforestry. During my career I have gradually shifted towards working with rural livelihoods, decentralised natural resource (forest) management and recently with gender aspects of natural resources governance. Main work experience is from Nepal.

I supervise PhD and MSc students and currently teach the MSc course Research planning



Primary fields of research

I primarily engage in research that is in one way or another related to livelihoods and poverty reduction. Within this overall topic I have been involved in projects looking intotopics such as environmental incomes, decentralised forest management and conservation of natural resources such as medicinal plants and forests

Current research

Currently I am about to start working on the research project 'Transiting to green growth: natural resources in Nepal' that will provide knowledge to support the transit to green growth in the Nepalese medicinal plant sector in Nepal.

In 2014 we will end 10 years of research on forest-livelihood links in Nepal, carried out through the 'Community based forest management in the Himalayas' (ComForM) research project together with colleagues at the Institute of Forestry Pokhara.


Currently responsible for the masters course in Research planning and contributing to the masters course Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance.

A course on the topic of gender, environment and development is under development


PhD students



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