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Tove Enggrob Boon

Tove Enggrob Boon

Associate professor, research and development

Tove Enggrob Boon is Director of study for MSc Forest and Nature Management and senior researcher in environmental policy.

Her focus of research is on new modes of governance in natural resources management, with three strands of research, all involving interdisciplinary work teams:

One strand of research is on ways to motivate environmentally friendly behaviour. Project CIDEA investigates how municipalities can support citizen driven environmental action ( A research cooperation between Dep. of Political Science, Anthropology, Faculty of Life Sciences, DHI and five municipalities) Also, Tove is project leader of a national survey study that focuses on forest landowner perceptions of and willingness to conduct nature conservation on a voluntary basis, and she supervises PhD, MSc and BSc projects focusing on motivation for environmental action, e.g. landowners' voluntary nature conservation, environmental transport behaviour, and climate municipalities.

A second strand of research is on how new modes of governance affect citizens’ opportunities to influence decision-making. In this line, Project WIND 2050 investigates wind turbine planning, the EU project 'Climate change and urban vulnerability in Africa' ( focused on cilmate adaptation, and Tove has been national manager of an EU-project about new modes of governance (, international manager of a Scandinavian research project on participation, supervisor of a PhD project on social learning in rural development, a PhD project about the effect of decentralisation on implementation of nature conservation policy, and M.Sc. and B.Sc. projects about implementation of the Kyoto Protocol (Lulucf, CDM), Habitats Directive, and Danish acts on planning, forests and nature conservation

A third strand of research focuses on the institutional set-up of decentralised forest management and its livelihood improvement potential for local communities. This is being explored in research collaboration with colleagues and partners from Cambodia, Nepal and South Africa.

Tove Enggrob Boon has extensive experience in management of interdisciplinary research and teaching teams (1997- current), as Study Director of MSc Forest and Nature Management, and as PhD supervisor, mentor and research coordinator. Tove has extensive experience with education and research administration and strategy making, as study director and through several years of work in the university's study board, phd board, research and phd comittees, department teaching board a.o. 

ID: 4232167