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Conflict Management (LFKK10265)


This course is for you who are interested in the real life complexity related to the use and management of land and natural resources. This context requires competent management of the resources in question but also competent dealing with people issues – such as conflicts of interests, culture clashes and differences in values, culture and perceptions among stakeholders. The target group for the course is students within any education concerning the relation between humans and the environment – e.g. forestry, biology, geography, agricultural development, land-use, landscape architecture, urban greening, and natural resource economics, and development studies.

Most resource managers must collaborate with professionals from other disciplines and sectors and this course will enable you to combine natural and social scientific knowledge to deal with conflict situations. The course offers basic tools for analysis and management of the ’human dimension’ in conflict situations where emotions, personal interests and deeply held values, as well as incomplete knowledge are part of reality.
The course aims to provide skills in conflict understanding, analysis and handling. It aims to raise awareness and reflection upon basic concepts in relation to conflict – e.g. trust, power and communication. The course introduces assessment, analysis and problem solving methods, using concrete cases from natural resource management in Denmark and abroad. It also covers process facilitation, learning and creativity as integrated elements in conflict management.

The course is composed of alternating lectures, exercises and discussions. The lectures give overview of theory and examples of application in practice. In the exercises and written course assignments theory and experiences are translated into practical analysis and advice. The course also contains a workshop or an excursion with external participants on a relevant topic of current interest.


MSc ECTS: 7.5 Time: Block 2 (Nov-Jan)

Related course at IFRO

Advanced Natural Resource Conflict Management (LFKK10273) offers students an opportunity to further develop their conflict analysis, understanding and management skills. While the Conflict Management course focuses on assessment and analysis of conflicts, the Advanced Conflict Management course focuses on process design and adaption to cultural and institutional context.

Project Management (LFKK10278) focuses on you as a team member, the multidisciplinary project team, and the specific process of forming and managing a project team. The course introduces you to the practical toolbox on how to manage project processes. Project managers benefit from having an indebt understanding of the social dynamics of conflicts and the skills to address conflicts constructively in relation to project management.

Introduction to Consultancy (LOJK10291) focuses on how you in a multidisciplinary team can develop the solution to a consulting task and write up a winning proposal. Many consulting projects involve social conflicts and the Conflict Management course can provide you with the toolbox to constructively deal with, e.g. stakeholder issues and user involvement in relation to consulting tasks.


“From the course I learnt the importance of communication when confronted with conflict situations. Most importantly, I learnt that conflict itself is not a negative thing, but often necessary for change, and therefore it is the way that conflict is dealt with that is important.“ Tania Fredborg Nielsen, Master programme in Forest and Nature Management.