Documentation of the GTAP-EUCalc model and Portfolio of GTAP-EUCalc Pathways: D7.4

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We develop a version of the GTAP model/database (GTAP-EUCalc) specifically tailored to be able to run scenarios aiming at evaluating the transboundary effects of the lever results obtained from WPs 1-5 and to deliver these results as usable outputs by the EU Calculator. Transboundary effects include EU28+Switzerland trade balance, aggregated and for specific sectors, composition of intra-EU and extra-EU trade by MS, EU28+Switzerland carbon leakage.

In this report, we describe in detail the specific version of the GTAP-E model and database developed for the EUCalc project, and a library of different GTAP-EUCalc pathways to be simulated using the GTAP-EUCalc model, and the types of results of which are to be plugged into the Transition Pathway Explorer.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019

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