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Market integration in the crustaceans market: Evidence from Germany

(from abstract) In this paper the price dynamics and the degree of market integration in the German crustaceans market is examined using cointegration methods. The study focuses on wild caught cold water shrimp, farmed warm water shrimp as well as lobster and derives implications for the fisheries sector. In the analysis, both the import market and the retail market price reactions are distinguished. Therefore, it is evaluated how price changes affect competing commodities within and between the value chain of a given crustaceans commodity. Evidence of partial market integration is found for all species under study at the import level while at the retail level; there is weak evidence of perfect market integration. At the import-retail level linkages, shrimp markets are partially integrated, while the lobster market is fully integrated. Consequently, it can be concluded that the species under consideration are substitutes. (...) Overexploited wild caught species would have the potential to recover and the competing farmed species could expand to at least insure against rising prices due to supply shortage. Thus, alternative fisheries management and development strategies should consider competing species, at least from an economic perspective. more >>

Market integration of cold and warmwater shrimp in Europe

(from abstract) This study examines market integration between the cold and warmwater shrimp value chain in the UK, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, and Norway using cointegration methods. (...) Unprocessed coldwater shrimp leads the market in northern Europe. Downstream, prices adjust within a few months, indicating that a shrimp is a shrimp. In the short-run, the coldwater value chain seems to be protected from competition, but provides opportunities for a shift in consumer demand towards warmwater in the long-run. This implies that coldwater shrimp prices are determined by demand and supply of warmwater shrimp, which is 15 times larger.  more >>

Responsible Conduct in Research

A new edition of 'RCR - A Danish textbook for courses in Responsible Conduct of Research'  was released January 2018. It is mandatory for all PhD students at University of Copenhagen to take a course in RCR. Peter Sandøe, professor at IFRO, is one of the authors of the textbook and also responsible for the RCR course.

A look at WQ's aggregation system

How do we aggregate measures of animal welfare to assess management units? In a new study IFRO researchers and colleagues from Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences compare existing practices with animal welfare experts' assessments, and find room for improvements. 'Should the contribution of one additional lame cow depend on how many other cows on the farm are lame?'

Mapping of ivory poaching

Better management of protected wildlife areas in southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique could enhance the protection of elephants in this ivory poaching hotspot, a new international study led by University of Copenhagen shows.