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Department of Food and Resource Economics - IFRO

Photo: © Christopher Golden, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

New research questions assumptions about bushmeat hunting in the Global South

As much as 150 million rural households across the Global South may be involved in bushmeat hunting, new studies led by IFRO at the University of Copenhagen find. Hunting is prevalent in the 24 countries surveyed but only providing a small contribution to households and mainly for subsistence rather than for trade. The studies thus contradict earlier assumptions that hunting is increasingly commercial and an essential source of protein and income. The authors stress that rural food security and biodiversity conservation should be considered jointly. Read more >>

Latest defended PhD Theses

Lily Salloum Lindegaard
30 May 2018
The Politics of Adaptation: Examining the Exercise of Political Authority through Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnam

Cathrine Ulla Jensen
23 April 2018
Essays in valuation of neighborhood characteristics. Applications of the hedonic pricing method

Anna Kristina Edenbrandt
16 April 2018
Towards more sustainable food consumption and production – Consumer preferences and valuation of new breeding techniques, production methods, and health aspects

Lea Skræp Svenningsen
23 March 2018
Climate Change and Social Preferences - Exploring Preferences for Distributional Outcomes of Climate Policy

Jevgeniy Bluwstein
13 March 2018
Biopolitical Landscapes. Governing People and Spaces through Conservation in Tanzania

Nerea Turreira Garcia
9 March 2018
Local participation and ecological knowledge in environmental monitoring: case studies of local and indigenous communities in Southeast Asia

Isaac Ankamah-Yeboah
7 March 2018
Price Formation and Consumer Preference for Sustainable Seafood in Europe

Dagim Gashawtena Belay
23 February 2018
Economics of Information and Incentives in Regulation of Market Failure: Information Disclosure, Impact Evaluation, Market Design, Antibiotics and Commodity Markets

Fitalew Agimass Taye
23 January 2018
Valuation of Non-Market Ecosystem Services of Forests: Preferences for Recreation, Effect of Childhood Experience, and the Role of Environmental Attitudes

Catrine Normann
15 January 2018
Essays in Behavioral- and Neuro Economics: Areas of Dishonesty, Recurring Charity Donations, and Uncertainty in Value Based Decision Making

All earlier defended PhD theses at IFRO

Who achieve lasting weight loss?

New findings from a small study at the University of Copenhagen suggest that people who structure their own systematic rules for eating, and adhere to them regardless of feelings of hunger and satiety, are markedly better at keeping weight off compared to those who follow special diets or eat for pleasure and satiety. More about the study

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture: Technology and Economic Perspectives presents cases from different countries with a main focus on the perspectives of using precision farming in Europe. Søren Marcus Pedersen and Kim Martin Lind, IFRO, are editors.

Responsible Conduct in Research

A new edition of 'RCR - A Danish textbook for courses in Responsible Conduct of Research'  was released January 2018. It is mandatory for all PhD students at University of Copenhagen to take a course in RCR. Peter Sandøe, professor at IFRO, is one of the authors of the textbook and also responsible for the RCR course.

Mapping of ivory poaching

Better management of protected wildlife areas in southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique could enhance the protection of elephants in this ivory poaching hotspot, a new international study led by University of Copenhagen shows.