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Staff of Section for Environment and Natural Resources

Abay, Abrha TeklayPhD fellow, external +45 53 68 40 80E-mail
Alt, Marius SamuelPhD student  E-mail
Amundsen, Eirik SProfessor emeritus +45 353-36828E-mail
Andersen, Laura MørchAssociate professor +45 353-31023E-mail
Andersen, PederProfessor emeritus +45 353-32275E-mail
Ankamah-Yeboah, IsaacPostdoc +45 353-33755E-mail
Basnyat, Bijendra  E-mail
Bee, Skylar AshleyProject manager  E-mail
Boon, Tove EnggrobAssociate professor +45 353-31760E-mail
Chapagain, Deep  E-mail
Christensen, Morten NylandStudent assistant  E-mail
Clausen, JensResearcher +45 353-37644E-mail
Daubanes, Julien XavierAssistant professor +45 353-35360E-mail
Dubgaard, AlexAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-32280E-mail
Edenbrandt, Anna KristinaPhD student +45 353-20429E-mail
Emborg, JensAssociate professor +45 353-31744E-mail
Filippelli, RaphaelPhD fellow, external +45 91 74 90 38E-mail
Fosgaard, Toke ReinholtAssistant professor +45 353-36867E-mail
Frost, Hans StabyAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-36893E-mail
Fuglesang, Johanne ChristensenStudent assistant  E-mail
Gamborg, ChristianAssociate professor +45 353-31734E-mail
Hansen, Lars GårnProfessor +45 353-36833E-mail
Hansen, Maria EllemannStudent assistant  E-mail
Hoff, AyoeSenior researcher +45 353-36896E-mail
Hukom, VenticiaPhD student  E-mail
Jacobsen, Brian H.Associate professor +45 353-36873E-mail
Jacobsen, Jette BredahlDeputy head of department, professor +45 353-31746E-mail
Javakhishvili-Larsen, NinoResearcher  E-mail
Jensen, Anne KejserPostdoc +45 353-20422E-mail
Jensen, Carsten LyngeSenior researcher +45 353-36856E-mail
Jensen, FrankAssociate professor +45 353-36898E-mail
Jensen, Iben SchmidtStudent assistant  E-mail
Kahsay, Goytom AbrahaPostdoc +45 353-36830E-mail
Kerstens, Pieter Jan TPostdoc +45 353-24878E-mail
Lundhede, ThomasAssociate professor +45 353-31061E-mail
McKenzie, Hannah BjørnStudent assistant  E-mail
Meilby, HenrikHead of section, professor +45 353-31740E-mail
Moreaux, Céline Pascale ClairePhD student +45 353-34660E-mail
Nielsen, Anne-MetteStudent assistant +45 30 85 51 88E-mail
Nielsen, MaxAssociate professor +45 353-36894E-mail
Nielsen, RasmusAssociate professor +45 353-32293E-mail
Olsen, Søren BøyeAssociate professor +45 353-33643E-mail
Panduro, Toke EmilAssistant professor +45 353-31076E-mail
Pless, Carl-EmilStudent assistant +45 22 52 01 96E-mail
Rasmusson, Tobias FrøslevStudent assistant  E-mail
Rønnow, Helene NormannPhD student +45 353-35279E-mail
Smed, SinneAssociate professor +45 353-36849E-mail
Stefaniak, IrenaResearcher +45 353-37643E-mail
Strange, NielsProfessor +45 353-31753E-mail
Ståhl, LisaResearch assistant +45 353-36806E-mail
Svenningsen, Lea SkræpPhD student +45 353-31073E-mail
Termansen, MetteProfessor +45 353-37471E-mail
Tjørring, LisePart-time lecturer +45 20 12 26 22E-mail
Vedel, Suzanne ElizabethAssistant professor +45 353-31747E-mail
Virtanen, Laura MariaResearch assistant +45 353-36838E-mail
Zemo, KahsayPhD fellow, external  E-mail
Zhang, JieSenior researcher +45 353-37646E-mail
Zitthen, Rasmus SenebergStudent assistant  E-mail
Ørum, Jens ErikSenior consultant +45 353-36879E-mail