Study programmes

Across the study programmes of life sciences, natural sciences and veterinary medicine, our department's teaching focus is on social science topicsThis is completely unique in a Danish academic context but has strong parallels at leading international universities.

We teach courses in theory of science, ethics, method and project work; in innovation and entrepreneurship, management and administration, conflict management, qualitative method, law, sociology; and policy and economics.






IFRO is the leading department with student management responsibilities for several economics degrees within the Faculty of Science (SCIENCE). Why? Because it impossible to study the great challenges of global society such as climate change or development in the global South without an understanding of economics. 

IFRO has the responsibility for the following full study programmes:

MSc in Agricultural Economics


Head of Studies: Mette Asmild

MSc in Forest and Nature Management


Head of Studies: Jens Emborg

Integrated Food Studies


Head of Studies: Mette Weinreich Hansen

MSc in Environment and Development


Head of Studies: Carsten Smith-Hall

Global Forestry


International, Erasmus Mundus Programme
Head of Studies: Thorsten Treue

MSc in Global Environment and Development


International, Erasmus Mundus Programme
Head of Studies: Carsten Smith-Hall

MSC in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management


International, Erasmus Mundus Programme
Head of Studies: Niels Strange 

MSc in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (closed for admission)


International, Erasmus Mundus Programme
Head of Studies: Thorsten Treue

Furthermore, our department is also highly involved in:




Continuing and Professional Education

IFRO offers a variety of courses available to both students and as continuing and further education. You can find all courses on the University's platforms below: