Net-Zero Goals and Offsetting: Opportunities, Pitfalls and Alternatives

Open online seminar with Jens Friis Lund, Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen.

Countries, regions, cities, corporations and other institutions are committing to climate mitigation by proclaiming net-zero goals. Net-zero is achieved when the total emissions entering the atmosphere are balanced by the total removal of emissions from the atmosphere. This implies a role for carbon removal technologies and offsetting, which has made some scientists and large parts of civil society skeptical of net-zero goals.

In this talk, Jens Friis Lund reflect on the potentials and pitfalls of the current surge in net-zero pledges and offsetting approaches from a perspective of climate risk and justice and suggest alternatives.

The talk is based on a recent report (in Danish only) published by the Climate- and Transition Council that Jens Friis Lund is a member of and informed by a recent short paper on equivalences in carbon accounting.

How to participate

The seminar is open to all.
The seminar will take place online via Zoom: