23rd International Farm Management Congress

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IFMA23 will include a wide spectrum of topics to be a conference for the whole farm management society.

The 23rd INTERNATIONAL FARM MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE will be hosted by the University of Copenhagen. The IFMA23 conference will run from 26th June to 1st July 2022 and will be held at the Frederiksberg Campus in Copenhagen.

The theme of the conference will be Strategic Farming in Scandinavia, and will focus on what it takes to be a successful farm business manager under a variety of circumstances and different conditions. You will be invited to explore the farming challenges, as well as having the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Scandinavia during both the conference, and the pre- and post-conference tours. You will experience how world quality products are produced, whilst at the same time, being shown how respect for the environment is embedded in the decision making.

The theme of the conference will focus on key elements such as: production, markets, finance, leadership, strategy and regulatory borders. You will have the opportunity to experience Scandinavian hospitality first hand, and gain an understanding of why the three countries are ranked as some of the happiest countries in the world!


Pre-conference tours: Norway 18th to 22nd June, 2022. Sweden 22nd to 25th June, 2022.

Accompanying person program and tours: 26th to 30th June, 2022.

Post-conference tour: Jutland, Denmark 1st July to 7th July, 2022.

Find more information about the pre and post-conference tours here.


Brian H. Jacobsen, Denmark
Ove Karlsson, Sweden
Ole Christen Hallesby, Norway