The Green Transition - Contributions from Sociology of Food

Public seminar and following reception

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The Green Transition calls for new patterns of food production and consumption.

To help inform this vast transformation research from a wide array of sciences must be mobilized. In this seminar we set out an agenda for how sociology of food can contribute to the green transition. Theoretical reflections and empirical examples will be presented.


The seminar is held shortly before Professor Lotte Holm (IFRO) turns 70 and will therefore be followed by a reception in honour of Lotte.

NB: The reception is held at Rolighedsvej 23 in the Back building, ground floor.


13:00   Welcome – Peter Sandøe, Professor, IFRO

13.10   Change your life! Sociological perspectives on interventions for diet change – Professor Lotte Holm, IFRO

13:35    Curbing meat consumption: Motivations or practices? – Associate Professor Thomas Bøker Lund, IFRO

14:00   Short break

14.10   Taste for the future: necessity and sustainability as normative principles for a new food and nutrition system – Associate Professor Wesley Dean, IFRO

14:35  Older adults: How can we use their experience with food in the green transition? – Assistant Professor Sidse Schoubye Andersen, IFRO

14.55  Responsible food practices. Marginalized and relatively deprived groups as role models. – Assistant Professor Kia Ditlevsen, IFRO

15.15   Putting normalization on the climate agenda – Bente Halkier, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, and member of the Danish Council on Climate Change (Klimarådet)

15.40   Concluding discussion chaired by Peter Sandøe

16.10-  Reception to honour Lotte Holm