Exhibition: Visualizing Agrarian Change

How can we understand active processes of rural transformation and alternate possibilities for global development?

This exhibition brings together photography, painting, and illustration from research on agrarian change in Africa and Asia to showcase visual research methods for investigating and imagining agrarian change.

Through participatory photography in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Thailand; painting and collective visioning in Tanzania; and satirical cartoons in Myanmar, our research explores critical issues in rural development in collaboration with farmers, pastoralists, migrants, artists, and activists.

Together, these visualizations and the accompanying narratives illustrate the power and diversity of art-based research methods, as they help analyze ongoing processes, highlight marginalized perspectives, and imagine more equitable and sustainable futures. 

There will be an opening talk and reception on May 24 from 15 to 17

Visualizing Agrarian Change runs from May 24 to June 7.