Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

Head of Department, Professor

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    Rolighedsvej 23, 1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +4535331700Mobile: +4520138345

I am Head of Department and professor of applied economics at the Department of Food and Resource Economics, and affiliated with the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate. I have a PhD and I am Dr Agro in the field of forest and natural resources economics

Primary fields of research

My research interests are quite broad. A significant part of my research has been about decision-making under uncertainty, where, in particular, work on real options has been quite productive. I have attracted a number of research projects in environmental valuation methods, regulation of our use of natural resources and much more. I have supervised about 25 PhD students and post docs over the years.

Current research

These years, I am involved in research on climate adaptation, and I am part of two EU projects, where we do research in new ways of regulating the supply of ecosystem services from forests and agricultural land.


I am course responsible for the BSc course "Investment and Finance". For many years, I have run the PhD course "The Art of Scientific Writing". I have guest appearances on a few additional courses with fixed modules or presentations.

Possible conflicts of interest

Through my research, I often work with companies and/or interest groups. This is either because, they are partners in research projects from the EU or other sources that support cooperation between research and other parts of society; or because they are part of advisory functions or as stakeholder panels related to research projects. 

I am appointed to the board of the Danish Climate Forest Fund by the Minister for Climate, Energi and Utilities. I am appointed to the board of the Danish Nature Fund by the Minister for Environment per suggestion of Danish Universities. I take up roles from time to time as part of semi-public panels such as the Government’s Bioeconomy Panel and the Climate Partnerships. I hold seats in advisory boards for larger research programmes and for the vicechancellor og SLU in Sweden.

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