Bo Jellesmark Thorsen
Bo Jellesmark Thorsen

Head of Department, Professor

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    Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Bygning A, 1. sal, Building: 1.12

    Phone: +45 35 33 17 00Mobile: +45 20 13 83 45

My name is Bo Jellesmark Thorsen and I am Head of Department and Professor in Applied Economics with the Department of Food and Resource Economics and I am also associated with the Danish National Science Foundation Center for ;acroecology, Evolution and Climate and with the Centre of Forest and Landscape. I have a PhD in Forest and Natural Resource Economics. I am currently involved in a number of research topics, mostly related to environmental and resource economics. Apart from this I teach in various courses at UCPH - mainly as a co-teacher, and I act as supervisor for a number of PhD-students and MSc-thesis students.

My research interests are quite broad. A considerable part of my research has focused on uncertainty and decisionmaking in forest and natural resource settings. In particular the work on hazard risks and the work on real options have been quite productive. I have been so fortunate as to attract a number of research projects in environmental economics aspects. They concern valuation as well as regulation issues. 

You get the best overview from my full cv and publications list, which you find under 'Resume'.

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