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Staff of the Section for Consumption, Bioethics and Governance

Andersen, Sidse SchoubyeAssistant professor +45 353-33007E-mail
Anker, Helle TegnerProfessor +45 353-32321E-mail
Baaner, LasseAssociate professor +45 23 28 35 97E-mail
Christensen, ToveAssociate professor +45 353-31069E-mail
Christiansen, Stine B.Part-time lecturer  E-mail
Dahl, AndersTeaching lecturer +45 353-32376E-mail
Denver, SigridAssociate professor +45 353-36876E-mail
Dich, TrineTeaching lecturer +45 353-32995E-mail
Ditlevsen, KiaAssistant professor +45 353-33604E-mail
Frost, Sara MønsterPhD student +45 353-27021E-mail
Gjerris, MickeyAssociate professor +45 353-32165E-mail
Goddiksen, Mads PaludanAssistant professor +45 353-31738E-mail
Hansen, Mette WeinreichAssociate professor +45 353-27018E-mail
Hansen, TinaTeaching lecturer +45 353-32905E-mail
Hielkema, Marijke HiltjePhD student +45 353-37941E-mail
Holm, LotteProfessor +45 353-32496E-mail
Holm, Marie-LouisePart-time lecturer +45 60 77 76 51E-mail
Holm, Sune HannibalAssociate professor  E-mail
Høedt-Rasmussen, IngerAssociate professor +45 353-21241E-mail
Jensen, Jørgen DejgårdProfessor +45 353-36859E-mail
Jensen, Karsten KlintAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-32375E-mail
Jensen, Katherine O'DohertyAssociate professor, research and development +45 353-31721E-mail
Knoop, Vibe ThimgaardAssistant professor +45 353-34115E-mail
Kondrup, Sara VincentzenPhD student +45 353-31971E-mail
Larsen, Morten HedegaardAssistant professor +45 353-27022E-mail
Lassen, JesperProfessor +45 353-33010E-mail
Lund, Thomas BøkerAssociate professor +45 353-36861E-mail
Mikkelsen, Rasmus Christen BPhD student +45 353-30735E-mail
Nielsen, ThorkildTeaching associate professor +45 353-27020E-mail
Nordström, Leif JonasAssociate professor +45 353-31972E-mail
Olsen, VagnTeaching lecturer +45 353-32167E-mail
Sandøe, PeterHead of section, professor +45 353-33059E-mail
Springer, SvenjaPhD student  E-mail