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Suzanne Elizabeth Vedel

Suzanne Elizabeth Vedel

Assistant professor

  • Section for Environment and Natural Resources

    Rolighedsvej 23, 1958 Frb. C, Gammel Bygning stuen, Building: AC101

    Phone: +45 35 33 17 47
Suzanne Elizabeth Vedel has a PhD in environmental economics and regulation and is working as a Post.doc at Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen on regulation of recreational and environmental goods and services from forest and nature areas. Suzanne's focus is on market-based mechanisms for promoting the development of new markets or a level of provision which is optimal from society's point of view. Suzanne is working on theoretical models for decision making from both the principal's (e.g. state) and the agent's (e.g. landowner) point of view. This is combined with empirical work on agents' preferences and in which ways knowledge of the agents' preferences can be used to develop more efficient market-based mechanisms (e.g. compensation schemes which reflect landowners' preferences and are more efficient for society). Suzanne is currently working on the EU project NEWFOREX and BIKEABILITY . Suzanne finished her PhD project in 2010 in the field of environmental economics and regulation. The title was "Economic incentives for provision of environmental goods and services from forest and nature areas". The project dealt with markets for recreational and environmental goods and services and the development of new markets in relation to these goods and services. Suzanne has worked with the development of theoretical models to support decision making in these markets by investigating market barriers, agent interaction and incentives. The overall perspective was to investigate new and better ways to ensure an optimal level of provision from society's point of view through market-based mechanisms. Suzanne holds and MSc. in forestry (Cand.silv) from University of Copenhagen.

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