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Marie Leer Jørgensen

Marie Leer Jørgensen

PhD Student

  • Section for Consumption, Bioethics and Governance

    Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frb. C, Bygning C, 3. sal, Building: 3.106

    Phone: +45 35 33 16 32

The topic of my Ph.D. concerns three Danish compensation schemes prescribed in the Act on Renewable Energy (2009) and their influence on local acceptance. The schemes are: 1) A property value-loss scheme, 2) an option to purchase shares and 3) a community benefit scheme. Local acceptance is local residents attitudes towards siting of wind energy projects in their vicinity. My Ph.D. stipend is part of the Wind research programme.

Theoretically, I combine legal sociology with environmental psychology theory and interdisciplinary research on local acceptance with focus on wind energy projects. Methodologically, I combine legal dogmatic analysis with the qualitative methods in my empirical data collection. Two case studies on two wind energy projects is chosen and individual interviews, focus-group interviews and document analysis is carried out.

The project involves publication of articles. In the article the influence of the three Danish compensation schemes on local acceptance in relation to other factors influencing peoples attitudes towards wind energy projects is being explored. These factors are physical factors, distributive and procedural justice, trust and place attachment and place identity. Among questions of interests are whether monetary compensation in form of the different schemes is sufficient mechanisms meeting the concerns of local residents. Other interests are whether the design of the schemes promotes local acceptance and possible indirect adverse effects hereof on peoples’ life-world. Implications for law and policy will be elaborated upon.

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