Mariève Pouliot

Mariève Pouliot

Associate professor, deputy head of department, Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

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    My field of expertise is socioeconomics of rural livelihoods in the Global South. Livelihoods perspectives have often been unable to address how wider, global processes impringe on people’s lives at the local level. For example, livelihoods research has often failed to contribute to debates about globalisation, thereby leaving room for contributions from other fields such as macro-economics which are under-informed about local-level complexities. To fill this theoretical and empirical gap, my research precisely focuses on forms of livelihood insecurity and vulnerability that are produced by those contemporary, global processes. I am interested in three specific categories of global processes: (i) economic globalisation, i.e. how particular forms of globalisation and associated processes of production create both processes of marginalisation/vulnerability/insecurity and opportunity for rural people at production sites, (ii) climatic changes and the inter-relationships between vulnerability, resilience and poverty, and (iii) how conflicts emerge in a context of globalisation and climate change, and how those conflicts affect rural households’ vulnerability and insecurity.

    I hold a PhD in Environmental Economics from the University of Copenhagen (2012), an MSc from University of Copenhagen (2007) in Agricultural Development and a BSc in Agricultural Sciences from McGill Universtity (2005).

    I have strong empirical experience from Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nepal and have also been working in  Argentina, Guatemala, Rwanda, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda.

    Current research


    2023-2028 Co-investigator for ‘Vulnearbility and climate change adaptation in Uganda (VUCCA)’ funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 

    2023-2026 Principal investigator for ‘Institutional Obstacles to Tree Planting in Africa (OBSTACLES)’ funded by the Danish Research Council – Green Research’. 

    2023 Principal investigator for ‘Pit kernel project’ funded by AAK. 

    2022-2024 Co-investigator for ‘Integrating and scaling up renewable resource data: transition pathways to a bioeconomy in low-income countries’ funded by the Danish Research Council for Social Sciences. 

    2019-2024 Lead Scientific Investigator for the ‘Sheaine’ project funded by Innovationsfonden Danmark.

    2019-2024 Co-investigator for ‘Access-Authority Nexus in Farmer-Herder Conflicts’ funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 

    2018-2021 Co-investigator for ‘The social contract of conservation’ funded by the Danish Research Council for Social Sciences. 

    2014-2019 Co-investigator for ‘Transiting to green growth’ funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

    ID: 4241051