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Jevgeniy Bluwstein

Jevgeniy Bluwstein

PhD Student

In 2018, I defended my PhD at the Global Development group in the Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen. My research focuses on political ecologies and geographies of wildlife and biodiversity conservation around Tarangire National Park in Northern Tanzania. The various conservation interventions around Tarangire are jointly framed to protect the 'Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem'. In my dissertation i build on a historical analysis of Tarangire that was initially designed as an isolated space for wildlife to show how over the last 2-3 decades it has been reconfigured into an expansive conservation landscape.

I am also involved with the PIMA project ( , UK ESPA program). My role has been, amongst others, to set up a large-scale quantitative household survey in Northern and Southern Tanzania, spanning 42 villages, ~ 3000 respondents, using tablet-based ODK digital data collection technology. The survey enables a quasi-experimental social impact evaluation of 6 Tanzanian Wildlife Management Areas.


MSc thesis co-supervision: 4 students

BSc thesis co-supervision: 1 student

PhD course co-teaching: International Nature Conservation (2016)

MSc course co-teaching: Global Politics (2017); Applying Mixed Methods (since 2015, incl. 2 weeks fieldwork in Tanzania); Political Ecology (since 2015); Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource Governance (2015); Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation (2013); Environmental Management in Europe (2013)

Primary fields of research

Political Ecology and Geography

Critical Conservation Studies

Environment and Development Studies


ID: 51144020